How to unlock all the plans in the last religion

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There are three different Blueprints that you can unlock in The Last Faith, each of them in places that can be difficult to find on your large map.

Rare items called Blueprints allow you to buy new, powerful items The Last Faith and they are unlocked when you find all the sets of plans hidden in different areas. These treasures can only be obtained if your character has advanced enough to unlock a certain ability. Each Blueprint is a reward for going off the beaten path and exploring new sections of dangerous places.

Yes 3 Blueprints you can collect it, which may be given to the NPC Mariano to create new things in his shop. Like other loot you find, such as The Federal Admiral’s Cannon in The Last Faithall sets of plans are found inside a large chest. Many of the places where these chests are located are guarded by tons of enemies, so make sure you are prepared in advance to face these enemies.

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How to find all the fonts in the last religion

The last religion finds one of each type of plan for additional weapons and upgrades



How to Find

Map Image

Blueprint prototype

The mansion of the Esk

Go through A locked door which leads to the broken area of ​​the Platform. In the room to the bottom left, in a hidden search, you will find the Blueprint in a large chest under a clock.

Rare prototype blueprint

Liturgical Pass

Past another locked door near the center of the section, which can be seen at the bottom right of a larger area. Down the stairs past the door is a walkway full of enemies, with the Blueprint in the chest at the end to your left.

Download Barsov prototype photo

The Ministry of Junas

Reach the top rail of the largest room in this area, then use your Double jump ability to jump on the chandelier in the upper right. The Blueprints are seen as an orb on top of the ornament.

Bringing these Blueprints back to Mariano will give you access to new items and tools that you couldn’t use before. The Prototype Blueprints to give you a Key Item that Mariano can use upgrade your weapons. At the same time, the Rare prototype blueprint adding to the powerful firearm Lena’s bow in The Last Faith to Mariano’s shop, which can be purchased for 9,500 Nycrux.

Finally, Barsov’s Prototype Blueprints are the next step in armor enhancement, allowing you to modify your tools to even greater heights. As soon as you open all the Blueprints in The Last Faithyou should try to upgrade your favorite weapon to its maximum potential if you have enough Nycrux.

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