How to Unlock Soryotanog Shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Realm

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Soryotanog Shrine in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Realm can be found in the Gerudo area of ​​the map. Unfortunately, finding it is almost more difficult than completing it due to a sandstorm near Gerudo Town, which hides Link’s map.

To arrive Gerudo town, where Soryotanog Shrine is located, Link must blindly navigate his way to Gerudo Village without the help of his map or any clues. There are a couple of travelers to warn Link about the sandstorm before he enters it, but once he does, he’s on his own.


The Sandstorm will not dissipate until it works through the Lightning Temple in Zelda: TOTK and defeat the boss there. Unfortunately, to do this, Link still needs to reach Gerudo Town. So don’t try to look for a way to clean it beforehand.

How to get to Saryotanog Shrine in Gerudo Village

Map of the location of the Saryotanog Shrine

When you get to Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower enter Zelda: TOTKLink will continue down the same obvious path until you reach the Kara Kara Bazaar, where some merchants sell various goods, as well as two male travelers hoping to reach Gerudo Village and meet Gerudo women. They will tell Link that they have tried to reach the village several times but have been lost each time due to the sandstorm that is moving in the area.

Although the storm does not stop Link from heading to the city, it does cause the Purah Pad map to be fuzzy and remove previously marked points until it is out of the storm. So, to reach Gerudo Town, Link can either try to create a flying machine to take him there or start his blind journey. While it is possible to create a car to carry Link through the storm, some players may want to test their luck in the storm so they can collect some. valuable items on the way.

The main thing to remember when you go to Gerudo Town is that it will be very crowded straight ahead when they enter the storm where the passengers are. So if Link keeps going straight, he should be able to reach it fairly easily. However, there will be some Gibdos on the waywhich will requires an elemental attack before they do damage. So be sure to pick them up Gibdo Bone after killing them; it is a good fuse material in Zelda: TOTKespecially for arrows because of its powerful Fuse power but very low survivability.

If Link seems lost or players want to confirm that they are on the right track, climb any high obstacles A connection may come across. Then, he should be able to see over the storm and confirm that he is heading in the right direction.

Saryotanog Shrine Solution & Walkthrough

Inside the Saryotanog Shrine in Zelda TOTK

Once in Gerudo Village, the Shrine should be visible if Link climbs to the top of any part of the village. It will be on a large floating rock above the town that Link can climb up. After entering the Shrine, Link faces the Buried Lights Riddle. This Shrine will enter Zonai mirror unless Link has already encountered or used them. After reaching the first main room in the area, Link will notice that there are large piles of sand around him, and Fan will be half buried in one of them. Use Ultra-hand to free the Fan from the sandpit on the left.

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Link using Fan with Ultrahand in Zelda TOTK

After freeing the fan, go ahead and hit it to activate it. As with all Shrines, using this item will not drain any battery power from Link. Once activated, pick it up with the Ultrahand ability and mark it directly at any sand piles to see them evicted. While two will be empty, a chest. Open it to find the file key which opens the door to the next room. After reaching the next room, Link will again encounter several sandstones, one of which will contain a Zonai Mirror. Don’t ignore this for now; off to the left, there will be a platform that Link can go up to reach the forbidden room on the left.

Link looking up at a platform he can climb up in Zelda TOTK

After using the Ascend ability in Zelda: TOTK to get up through the platform, Link must kill the enemy shooting arrows on, which shouldn’t be too challenging. After the enemy is down, grab the fan on the right side of the room and use it the same way as the first room. Next, destroy the sand stones in the room. One of them will reveal another Zonai Mirror, and another will appear, the one under the platform where the enemy was located release the sunlight when fully detected.

Attach a mirror fishing rod to reflect light into another room in Zelda TOTK

Once the light is revealed, use the file Zelda: Tears of the Realm Ultrahand’s ability to grab the Zonai mirror and bring it up to the platform above the light. Once the Zonai Mirror is inside the light fixtureThe link should notice that it is showing the room regardless of which direction the Zonai Mirror points. Since Link needs the beam in the other room, the angle of the mirror until it shines through the bars separating the two rooms. Once placed, return to the Connect platform in the area from and Ascend to return to the other room.

During the Lightning Temple Boss fight Zelda: TOTKLink will have several beams of light that he can take advantage of using the Zonai Mirrors as well, so be sure to stock up on them now that he knows how to use them.

Link using ultrahand to reflect light on a target in Zelda TOTK

Once back in the other room, Link must pry the Zonai Mirror free from the sandbar using Ultrahand. After he’s free, use Ultrahand to raise it so it reflects the light shining in from the other room. After it is melted by the light, move Link or angle the Zonai Mirror so that it shines on the large target above the locked door. After holding it for several seconds, it will start to glow green, and the door will be opened. The Zonai Mirror link can now drop; the door remains open, and he proceeds to claim the Light of Blessing within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Realm.

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