How World War II Affected the Band of Trolls Together

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A band of trolls together took inspiration from an unexpected place, as something from World War II influenced some of the film’s characters.

In an interview with ComingSoon, the film’s director and co-director – Walt Dohrn and Tim Heitz – revealed that the Putt Putt Trolls in the film were inspired by Japanese soldiers who were stranded on an island at the end of World War II. This seems to refer to Hiroo Onoda – a Japanese soldier who remained on the island of Lubang and did not believe that the Second World War had ended until he returned to Japan in 1974.

“I guess [in] World War II, a group of Japanese soldiers were lost on this island,” said Dohrn. “So that was very interesting to us. What if parts of the world don’t change culturally in their views? That allowed us to to do [the Putt Putt Trolls]. Plus, they were little golf carts, which allowed us to design some pretty cool outfits. [Laughs].”

Trolls Band Together was first released in theaters on November 17, 2023, and stars Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick. Trolls Band Together is directed by Walt Dohrn and Tim Heitz, with Gina Shay serving as producer.

What is Trolls Band Together about?

“After two movies of real friendship and non-stop flirting, Poppy and Branch are now officially, finally, a couple (#broppy)! As they grow closer, Poppy discovers that the Branch has a secret history. He was once part of her favorite broadband phenomenon, BroZone, along with his four brothers: Floyd, John Dory, Spruce, and Clay. BroZone disbanded when Branch was still a child, as did the family, and Branch hasn’t seen his brothers since,” read the synopsis. “But when bro Floyd Branch is kidnapped for his musical talents by a pair of pop star villains – Velvet and Veneer – Branch and Poppy embark on a harrowing and emotional journey to bring back the other brothers and save Floyd from an even worse fate than pop-culture obscurity.”

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