Hungry bear caught scarfing down leftover Halloween candy: ‘With the print?’

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One South Florida family doesn’t have to think about what to do with their leftover Halloween candy, after a giant bear was caught snarling in a hilarious video.

Pari Limbachia said she was trick-or-treating with her children in Lake Mary, Florida when they passed a home with a large black bear chomping on candy that had been left outside on a folding table.

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A bear eats Halloween candy

A giant bear was caught on camera in a Lake Mary, Florida, yard chomping on Halloween treats. (Pari Limbachia)

The bear was seen eating his fill from the decorated table while Limbachia and her family watched nearby.


“With the printer?” one of Limbachia’s children asks when the bear started tearing up the sugar sweets.

Bear in the front yard

The bear was caught on camera enjoying Halloween treats in the front yard of a Florida home. (Pari Limbachia)

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The Florida Fish and Wildlife The Conservation Commission (FWC) said bears are driven by their need to eat and have a sense of smell that can detect scents from more than a mile away.

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