“I hope my useless dad sees this” – Lady takes advantage of sweet father-daughter post

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After a man makes an irregular financial transfer to his daughter, a young woman causes an uproar by calling her father “useless”.

An angry and spicy Twitter user going by the handle @Olutoyosi_ used the platform to mock her parent.

It all started when another Twitter user shared her conversation with her father, who randomly sent her money along with a note saying he doesn’t want her to go to bed hungry.

The conversation goes, “I don’t want you guys to be broke…so you’ve sent me money. It’s not that deep.”

Sharing the photo from her father, the woman wrote, “lmfaooo I asked my dad why he randomly sent us money. that “it’s not that deep” is killing me 😭.”

When Olutoyosi saw the adorable conversation between the young woman and her father, she scolded her own father for not being so responsible.

“I hope my father will see his friends. another useless one,” she mentioned the cat.

The response has since prompted mixed reactions from social media who were shocked at such speech from a daughter to her own father.

Thoughts on a woman who was called useless by her father

stainless231 said: “I hope you are already accumulating wealth because your own child may not say this openly but you can get a can to put poverty out of the brain in your old age or maybe use iron Brutal to press out your empty skull that could not be rich. Hustle now ooooooo”

KhaleedSZN said: “Surely every woman who protected him grew up in a broken family. It’s sad that you have to go through that and I hope you never heal.”

dotboyswag10 replied: “A child raised by a single mother to the tweet. It’s not hard to find”

_Gabri3llaa said: “You are the one who knows what you are up against to say this. It’s fine.”

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