‘I need a new man’ – Teni calls her broken sugar daddy

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In a funny video posted on her social media page, popular Nigerian singer Teni Apata called out her ‘broken’ sugar daddy.

While lamenting his innocent nature, the woman in the video claims that her sugar daddy has gone mad.

The “Uyo Meyo” singer claims that the husband advised her to travel to Abuja by train with her friends and asked him to do the same for his daughters.

She also revealed that he sent her N1,500 for data and N50k even though he was aware of the cost of her wig and the financial situation of the country.

The singer said she was looking for a new sugar daddy as her current one has been a “broken man”.

She captioned the video: “I need a new sugar daddyddddyyyyyy!!!!!!!!”

I can get land in Lekki – Teni refuses to buy luxury watch costing over N13m

Teni, has refused to buy a watch abroad because of the cost.

She visited a luxury jewelry store in the United States and wanted to buy a gold logo time piece and was told that it is $29,500 (N183, 584,000).

The “Billionaire” singer asked if he meant $2,900 but he emphasized that it was Twenty Nine Thousand Five Hundred Dollars.

The singer expressed surprise and said she can use that amount of money to buy plots of land in Lekki, Lagos state.

Teni immediately told the attendant of the jewelery shop to return the wristwatch that she is no longer interested in buying.

But the acclaimed singer still gave him a friendly hug to send a message that she wasn’t upset with him for just doing his job.

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