“I will do my nyash later but for now I want to be a film producer.” – James Brown spills

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James was angry and told them that it was not his fault that they were suffering and that it was not their fault.

James Brown, a famous cross-dresser, has said that he wants to be a film director before doing BBL to increase his hips.

Following the media attention regarding Jay Boogie’s medical emergency during BBL surgery, the transplant made this announcement.

James Brown received comments on his post from anxious fans asking when he would get a BBL and warning him that if he did, his nyash would go badly.

In response, James became angry and told them that it was not their fault and that it was nothing to worry about.

James Brown

He spoke to individuals who were criticizing Jay Boogie for her botched surgery, saying that everyone has their own requirements and desires, and that’s who the person is. -sex wants.

James Brown makes it clear that his current goal is to become a film producer. He says that he will not take in pressure to have his nyash immediately and will eventually do so at an expensive facility.

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