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A suspected drink driver in his 30s in the Netherlands has claimed to be former Prime Minister Boris Johnson after being questioned by police following a road crash.

Officers found the fake driving licence, which contained Mr Johnson’s photo and name, when the 35-year-old Ukrainian national’s vehicle was found after the incident.

The man, who was found near the Emma Bridge in the city of Groningen, shortly after midnight on Sunday was found after falling into a pole.

A spokesman for the Dutch police, Thijs Damstra, said that officers came across the fake license while searching through the wreckage.

The police said they found the unnamed Ukrainian man, who lived near Groningen, standing on a bridge.

The force said: “The individual was unable to identify himself and refused to take a breathalyser test. “

After the accident, the driver was arrested and his car was searched and the fake license was found.

Writing on Instagram, they said: “Unfortunately for this person, we did not fall for his philosophy.”

The fake driving license said it was issued on 24 July 2019, the date Boris Johnson became Prime Minister, but its expiry date was listed as the year 3000. A blue and yellow flag Ukraine too.

Damstra said: “As far as I know, the real Mr Boris Johnson was not in Holland at the time. “

Although police knew the ID was fake, they said they could not tell where it came from. However, fake IDs like the one found on the arrested man have reportedly been found in tourist shops in Ukraine.

Fontanka, a small town in southern Ukraine, has renamed one of its roads after Boris Johnson. Officials renamed Mayakovsky Street as Boris Johnson Street.

The local council described Mr Johnson as “One of the leading opponents of Russian aggression, a leader in sanctions against Russia and defense support for Ukraine”.

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