Interview: Chad Stahelski and John The Last of Us: Chapter 4 Extended Discussion

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The third and final conversation with Chad Stahelski about John Wick: Chapter 4, the box office, Lance Riddick, Ballerina, and much more

The John Wick franchise gives this viewer great pleasure. And yes, if you’ve been reading anything about the latest feature here, John Wick: Chapter 4 it totally killed me. I absolutely love everything about this movie. And that feeling started with the first movie. I was lucky enough to catch the 2014 original early, and was an instant fan. My appreciation for everything that goes into these movies has grown with every chapter.

With the fourth film, I am very thankful and grateful to Chad Stahelski. This talented man has created something special with these films. It has been an honor and a pleasure to have time to chat with the director. Especially getting to hear from him before and after release. In our last discussion about the fourth chapter, Chad discussed several things. Among the topics was what he was involved in other projects Ballerina and The Province perhaps. Plus we get to see more of Donnie Yen. Suffice it to say, there are some spoilers, since this is a post release.

One of my favorite moments in the interview is the very beginning. I gave Chad some praise for continuing our discussion, and it turned out to be a very interesting insight into being a leader. Mr. Stahelski is a very intelligent and versatile person, and it has been amazing to dive into the new film.

If you haven’t already – and this will probably be clear by now – I highly recommend you check it out John Wick: Chapter 4 in theaters. Check out another extended interview with Stahelski here!

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