Is Justin Bieber totally sharing signs that he’s about to drop new music?? SEE!

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Yes Justin Bieber preparing for a series of new music in 2024?!

The Canadian pop star sent his fans into a tizzy this week with several Instagram posts that show him playing with a band and singing on the mic in what looks like some sort of studio. And while that’s not absolute proof Hailey Bieberthe hubby is about to drop new tracks, it sure looks promising!!

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It started on Tuesday night when the 29-year-old posted a photo carousel for his 293 million (!) followers. In it, as you can see (below), Justin is clearly singing into the microphone while a guitarist and DJ are rocking out in the background! Ch-ch-check it out:

And that was not all! On Wednesday, the Child crooner shared more photos from the studio that appeared to be in a carousel that had him doing a variety of other things – like golf. But it was the music videos that caught the eyes of fans:


Beliebers didn’t hesitate to tell him how they felt about the studio scene! As you can see (below), people disappeared into the comments IN ALL CAPS as they dreamed up the possibilities of new tunes:

“Of course I will”

“Justin remembered that he was an artist that everyone screamed”

“Hide Your Favorites, The Music Industry Owner Is Back”

“This is what we’ve been waiting for!!!”

“Researchers? oh we’re so back”

“Just don’t play with us like this”

“The scream I just let out!!”

“The prince of pop is back!!!”

“This better not catch fire!!!!!”

And on it went! Gotta love that excitement! Whether they are right or not, fans are definitely fired up. But what do you think, Perezcious readers?? Studio work?! A forecast moves?? Is this the Biebs getting ready to release some new new tracks?! Sound OFF with your thoughts down in the comments (below)!

[Image via The Talk Show Channel/YouTube]

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