Is Reaper Being Removed From ‘Overwatch?’

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Anyone who knows him Overwatch the first-person shooter knows that players have a wide roster of heroes to choose from. With so many playable characters it’s easy for players to get tired of decisions, but there’s no reason to think Blizzard is going to remove any of these characters anytime soon. ‘ soon, especially not a fan favorite who has been in the game since its inception. Right?

Well, that’s exactly what it is Overwatch 2 fans heard that the company was doing like today when a rumor spread that Reaper was being taken out of the game. Is it true or is this just the internet, well, the internet?

Is Blizzard removing Reaper from Overwatch 2?

Photo via Blizzard Entertainment

You don’t have to worry; there is no truth to the rumor, Reaper fans. Rumors first began to spread when TikTok user @Knockknockow posted a video of himself apparently reading an official announcement from Blizzard that the company was removing Reaper from the game due to “development considerations and balance. ” While some fans realized this was just an attempt at trolling, others were convinced and the video went down well regardless.

To be fair, @Knockknockow was very upset about removing Reaper from the game so it’s no wonder the rumor spread so quickly. Fortunately, Reaper is here to stay and Blizzard has not shared any plans to remove it Overwatch 2. Reaper is easily one of the most popular characters in the shooter, and it wouldn’t make sense to remove him from the game.

Although Blizzard has some problems that it could take care of, Reaper fans can rest easy knowing that this is not one of them.

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