It took ‘Superman & Lois’ too long to deal with this problem

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Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers for Season 3 Episode 12 of Superman & Lois.The CW’s Superman & Lois following the life and adventures of Clark Kent (Tyler Hoechlin) and Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch), who pack up their home in Metropolis and settle in a dying Smallville – a place they believe is better suited to raise their teenage son Jordan (Alexander Garfin) and Jon (originally played by Jordan Elsassnow with Michael Bishop). Unfortunately, it’s never that easy, is it? The third consecutive season has delved further into Jon and Jordan’s lives as they grow closer to adulthood. While Jon works with Kyle (Erik Valdez) at the fire station in Smallville and surprisingly trying to be a hero without powers, Jordan has put on his own costume to become the new hero of the world, but the ignorance his catching up with him, as well as some of his old things which are rather disturbing. . But, while it is new to him Superman & Lois to deal with Jordan’s bad attitude, it’s something that’s been annoying since the first season.


Jordan’s Bad Behavior has gone on too long

Michael Bishop as Jonathan Kent talking to Alexander Garfin as Jordan Kent on the porch in Superman & Lois Season 3 Episode 1
Photo via The CW

Throughout the three seasons of Superman & Lois, Jordan’s behavior has been a persistent — and relatively unsolved — problem. The biggest problem with Jordan is that he always thinks of himself as a victim and the show often reinforces this toxic mindset. It’s immediately apparent, as Jordan is quickly guilty of taking out his feelings on everyone around him and blaming others for everything that goes wrong. in his life. He starts the series with a major chip on his shoulder over his twin brother Jon, who is a popular soccer player in Metropolis and has a great relationship with his father (because they bond over common interests). While this rivalry with Jon has gone down, that’s only because of Jordan’s developmental powers. He suddenly felt stronger and more important than Jon, so he could blame Jon for being jealous of his superpowers or controlling time. parents, leaving Jon completely on the outside for much of the show.

Additionally, his relationship with Sarah (Navarrette inside) is a good example of this. He doesn’t spend much time considering Sarah’s appearance for the three seasons of the show. He confesses his secret, and his father’s, to Sarah without paying much attention to the danger it puts her in. After Sarah calls things off with Jordan, he spends every moment with her trying to make her feel guilty and inserting himself into the mix when Sarah talks to other boys. In Season 3, after Jordan saves Sarah and George Jr. (Dylan Leonard) from a car accident that ended, he is obviously angry that Sarah does not fall to her hands and knees to worship him as her savior. She’s grateful, and she’s made that clear, but it’s not enough for Jordan. In short, he is unhealthy possessive, and he goes far beyond being a teenage boy without hope in love.

But, back from that topic, it’s clear that Jordan also has a major ego issue that has made him unpredictable since the beginning of the series. As soon as he develops powers, he will go to his head. His dynamic with Jon changes, but Jordan also becomes arrogant, cocky, and completely reckless. He joins the football team to show off his newfound strength and become a star, leaving Jon as an outsider despite Jordan’s lack of interest in the sport – and, a- again, it’s a way to manage the father’s time, because Clark needs to focus on him. Jordan without accidentally hurting someone on the field. This carelessness has not continued since the first season, leading to a result so terrible that it is not even Superman & Lois the matter could be dropped or excused further.

‘Superman & Lois’ Season 3 Episode 12 Only Makes an Existing Problem Worse

Alexander Garfin in Superman and Lois
Photo via The CW

In the last episode of Superman & Lois Season 3, the world is about to discover that there is another hero with powers similar to Superman. An old colleague at the Daily Planet is hot on the trail, using all of Lois’ advice since she was writing about Superman’s arrival. In addition, George Jr. was unable to After Clark revealed his secret to Kyle because Jordan’s recklessness in “saving the day” led Kyle to believe that Jon had powers, everyone has been doing what they can for them to do to ensure that he does not find out that there is a person with real power. working in Smallville. Sarah, Kyle, and Lana (Emanuel Chriqui) takes the responsibility of the secret so much, while Clark, Lois, and Sam (Dylan Walsh) do whatever they can to cover it up, but it ultimately amounts to nothing as Jordan’s streak-long bad behavior has gotten out of hand.

At school, George Jr. continues to try to convince people about the hero he saw that night, but Sarah, Jon, and Natalie (Taylor Buck) continue to light it. Meanwhile, Jordan takes it upon himself to brag about what a hero he is and how “bad” this guy is, just throwing out the “if anyone” spiel. after that. When Clark and Lois find out about this, they remove Jordan’s suit and tell him to lie down until things go down, but he immediately disobeys them. When Superman is tasked with stopping a tornado from hitting Smallville, Jordan gets his suit and goes to help. When they are ready to save the day, Jordan comes right next to a group of spectators who saved them, who praise him as a hero, taking selfies and videos that prove that the teenage hero is in Smallville. Afterwards, Clark and Lois confront him, but Jordan admits that he doesn’t care if people find out because he wants the attention. When Clark and Lois try to punish him, Jordan uses his powers on Clark in a brief exchange, a line no one would have expected Jordan to cross.

Being a teenager alone is so apologetic

Alexander Garfin in Superman and Lois
Photo via The CW

Very little of Jordan’s behavior can and should, in the end, be excused away from being a teenager. Especially as we watch Jon go on a hero’s journey alone without powers, where he has to be responsible for his actions and become an experienced adult that both parents are proud of. In addition, Sarah is on the same journey as she is affected by her bad actions, trying to get better and set herself up for the future with the help of Lana and Kyle’s parents. Meanwhile, Jordan is getting worse with each passing event and has no interest in taking responsibility for his actions or thinking of himself as anything but a suffer (Seriously, he even made himself a victim because his parents didn’t think it was cool that he completely outed him and outed his existence to the world for the sake of an ego boost. ) Right now, the only logical path for Jordan is to become a full-time offensive player. He can’t handle the burden of having powers, and there isn’t enough time left on this show to fix Jordan’s bad behavior, even with the fourth season coming up.

But, we know Superman & Lois it will never go there. They’ve brought Jordan up as the original gold standard character (á la Felicity Smoak) since the show’s inception, so it’s hard to even take the show seriously lately because, sure , Jordan’s actions will be painted out as correct at some point down the road. Regardless, it’s good to see his behavior called out and unapologetic for once, but it took too long. As I said before, this has been a problem since the beginning of the series, and it has driven fans away from Jordan – even more so than giving him Jon’s comedic legacy. Change must come and Jordan must be humbled because even one more episode of this shameful behavior is too much to bear.

Superman & Lois continues Tuesdays on The CW.

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