“It won’t go over big” – Reactions as Wizkid Patek Philippe diamond watch reportedly worth 1 billion naira

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  • Nigerian singer-songwriter Wizkid fueled speculation on social media about the cost of his Patek Philippe diamond-encrusted watch.
  • Another singer, Shallipopi, was seen in a video discussing the cost of a watch with him, refusing to remove it until notified.
  • Wizkid has denied the price of his watch, but a social media video suggests it may be worth $840,000.
"It does not pass large" - Reactions like Wizkid Patek Philippe diamond watch reportedly worth 1 billion naira

Wizkid, the famous Nigerian musician and songwriter Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, caused a stir on social media when he discussed the price of his Patek Philippe watch, which is full of diamonds.

In a recent video, Shallipopi, a singer, was seen with him. He pointed a camera in his face, asked how much the watch was, and wouldn’t take it off until he knew.

Wizkid said he did not remember the price when he refused to release.

But according to a later social media video, the singer’s watch would cost $840,000.

Concerned people responded by leaving their thoughts in the comments.

See some of the comments below:

Alicia Giles: “Will the man with ability he uses to create evidence style bring down Incase wiskid he will collect back omo Werey.

layman: “Shali Dey call big wiz bro, see this boy won’t come again.”

user 7766644932482: “But you listen to that voice so sweet, wizzy can’t do the sound of egungun.”

Bigshini TV:Come wetin shalli dey talk 250, 300 come down to 10,000.”

Rhee Joyce: “Omo big wiz it’s not big again oh it won’t pass big I don’t even know the best word to describe it.”

bump: “Shallipopi chilling with a big wiz, he also wants to speak English, Poppsy’s influence is a big fc thing for life.”

GQ: “Big Wiz 🦅 is too big.”

Jesse💦: “Big wiz didn’t even say the amount he bought.”

you will meet DEEN: “There is no friend for who gets money, whether your money exceeds my own money, money is money.”

kingcarter: “Why are they disturbing them, you are disturbing this man’s peace.”

Watch video:


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