Jack Gilinsky baby rumors swamp Twitter as pregnancy video confuses fans

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Fans have been left confused after a video posted to Twitter spread a rumor Jack Gilinsky is allegedly having a baby girl with his girlfriend Geneva Natalia.

According to a fan on Twitter, the pair posted a now-deleted video which has since sent supportive fans into a frenzy, with many saying they ‘can’t believe it’ and wondering ‘what they missed’.

Jack Gilinsky and Geneva Natalia relationship

Jack and Geneva have been together just over one year after celebrating their first anniversary three months ago.

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The 25-year-old member of the singing duo Jack & Jack, started seeing 23-year-old Geneva following his split from TikTok creator Madison Beer in 2021.

Just over a year ago, Jack posted a candid pic of him and Geneva together as part of a photo dump when celebrating being 50 days sober.

Jack Gilinsky baby rumor

Now fans of the couple have been left confused after a video emerged on Twitter allegedly documenting the pair’s pregnancy journey. The video appears to show the couple going through the months of pregnancy, from showing two positive pregnancy tests to sonograms and even Jack kissing Geneva’s pregnant belly.

According to the fan on Twitter, the video had been a joint post by Jack and Geneva on Instagram but had been since been deleted. The fan posted it with the caption “who would’ve thought in the year 2022 jack gilinsky would be a dad”.

In the video along with sonograms and pictures of the baby there’s a sweet moment Geneva and Jack are sitting with a pink cake and she tells him they’re having a baby girl, making the singer incredibly excited.

However, since the alleged announcement video was ‘deleted’ there’s no way of telling whether the pair are expecting a baby, have already had a baby or it’s all just a wild rumor circulating the internet.

Either way fans on Twitter have been left feeling a mixture of confusion and elation for the couple.

As the ‘news’ came out of the blue some fans have posted the likes of ‘what did I miss’ while others can’t believe their favorite star may actually be a dad.

HITC has contacted Jack’s representatives for comment.

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