Jackie O’s first visit to Costco leaves the Aussie radio host in awe

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While people are usually excited to visit water parks, vacation destinations or tourist landmarks, it was Costco that got Jackie O excited during her first trip to the dealership on Saturday morning, November 11.

Along with her 12-year-old daughter Kitty and several staff from the World Health Organization Kyle and Jackie O Show that she is a co-host, the radio star had a ball in the store.

Between the telescopes, disposable Christmas decorations and large packs of toilet paper it was a box of light bulbs that surprised the star first and last.

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Jackie O
It was a box of light bulbs in the beginning and in the end it left the star in awe. (Instagram)

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“We’ll be here for hours,” she says in a a fragment of her trip posted to Instagram.

Soon after, she notices the light bulbs and quips: “You get like 500 light bulbs” between giggles, her eyes wide.

“I’ve never seen a box that big in my life,” she said of the light bulbs in a radio segment later Monday on the Kyle and Jackie at Show.

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Kyle Sandilands and his son Otto on school holidays

Kyle shares a sweet photo from the day with his son Otto

In the segment the co-guests recalled the shopping trip, Jackie O admitting her daughter’s interest in the store inspired the store trip.

“She hears about Costco all the time on TikTok because it’s very American I guess, so all the influencers are always like ‘So got I got this from Costco'” she says.

“She always asked, what is Costco, what does it sell, she has to sell anything – so we left.”

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Jackie O
“We’ll be here for hours.” (Instagram)

A pig’s butt, goggles, tennis racket and kayak were among other things left by the radio host, who claimed the trip was ‘like having sex’.

Speaking of over shopping, co-host Kyle Sandilands poked fun at Jackie O for “preparing for nuclear war”.

“What about the lunch box you bought?” Sandilands joked.

“If there’s a nuclear war, Jackie’s garage is the place to go.”

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Jackie O
The subscription-only retailer currently only has 15 warehouses in Australia. (Instagram)

The subscription-only retailer currently only has 15 warehouses in Australia, but upcoming stores and potential sites in the future will see it grow to 20 over the next few years. next five years.

Last month, Costco Warehouse Australia managing director Patrick Noone said the seller has several hotspots where he looks for good sites.

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