Jag Bains’ ‘Big Brother 25’ last two speeches were tough

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The Big Picture

  • Jag Bains is the first Sikh-Punjabi contestant and the first from his community to win big brother, breaking records with 7 Power of Veto wins.
  • Jag’s aggressive and hard pitching to the jury paid off, as he received 5 out of 7 votes to win the $750k grand prize.
  • Despite Jag’s harsh speech, the jury showed no bitterness and recognized his amazing game, voting for him to win over his faithful friend Matt Klotz.

On Thursday, November 9, Jag Bains he was crowned the winner Big brother 25. Sitting next to Jag in the last two was his right hand man, Matt Klotz. Despite receiving five of the seven jury votes to win over Matt, Jag arguably gave his old houseguests a tough talk before he won. While Matt gave a much nicer and more humble speech, Jag still got a majority of the votes to win.

Jag done Big brother history during his season for more than one reason. He was not only the first Sikh-Punjabi contestant, but also the first from his community to win the show as well. In addition, Jag now maintains a good look Big brother title. He holds the record for most Power of Veto wins in a single season. For many years, Big brother a legend Jane Pierzina he held the title with five veto wins in season 7. Then, last year, during season 24, Michael Bruner took the title with six wins. Michael didn’t hold the record for long as Jag quickly took over the reigns this season with his seven Power of Veto wins.

When he moved into the famous house, Jag became good friends with Matt. The two began working together in the “AccountantDuring week 4, Matt secretly won the Power of Invincibility. He eventually used this power to save Jag from being evicted by a unanimous vote. As the days grew longer and longer, Matt and Jag dominated the game together.

To make sure they would go to the last night together, the two started working together Bowie Jane Ball In the “Mafia” alliance. By bringing Bowie Jane in to work with them, they were able to take all the major threats out of the game. The trio also managed to gain power for weeks after each other, which helped them make their way to the end. of the game together. At the end of the game, Jag won the two most important Big brother competitions: the final Power of Veto and the final House Leaders competition. First, he finally used the Power of Veto to vote only for their removal Felicia Cannon. Then, with the last reign of power, Jag decided to stay true to his Minutemen alliance by taking Matt to the final two with him.

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Jag spoke aggressively to the jury in his ‘Big Brother’ final speech

Jag Bains wears the veto necklace in the 'Big Brother 25' room
Photo via CBS

At every finale, the final two hosts get one last chance to prove it Big brother jury to vote for them to be the winner of the season. Usually, jury ruling is a big part of winning Big brother. Therefore, the latter two tend to be careful how they present themselves to the jury. Jag just did the opposite. In his final appeal to the jury, Jag took a tougher and somewhat aggressive approach. In doing this, he held nothing back.

Jag was undoubtedly fully prepared to address the jury. He admitted every game move he was responsible for this season. At one point in his speech, Jag even admitted that all the members of the jury were sitting on the jury because of him. He was believed to be the mastermind behind nearly every big game move and backup that occurred throughout the season. Jag wasn’t afraid to take responsibility for every ounce of blood he got on his hands in the game.

Although he stayed loyal to Matt throughout the entire game, Jag even threw his fellow accounts under the bus in his final speech. When speaking to the jury, Jag said that he carried Matt to the final. While Matt was with him every step of the way, Jag thought that was why they were both sitting in the last two seats. He felt like he did all the work while Matt just carried on. But Jag thanked Matt for saving him early in the game. On the other hand, Jag revealed that he was the one who made Matt kidnap his close friend and A living man legend Cirie Fields when Matt had no intention of doing so.

Jag’s speech came out twice as hard because of how good Matt’s speech was. Matt never threw Jag under the bus or campaigned against him. Instead, he explained again to the jury that he and Jag worked hand in hand throughout the entire game. Matt said it was a team effort to get to the final round together, while Jag’s speech said otherwise. While Jag completely contradicted everything Matt said in his speech, Matt didn’t seem upset or offended by Jag’s appeal to the jury. Of course, when Jag was done, Matt told him he did a good job.

Many of the jury members seemed shocked by Jag’s aggressive speech. On the other hand, some of them were also laughing as he fought hard for their votes. Despite Jag’s tough talk, five of the seven jurors still voted for him. This finally shows that there were no bitter jury members in this season. Instead, they were able to put aside their personal feelings that they felt while still in the game and recognize Jag’s amazing gameplay. The only two jurors who did not vote for Jag to win were Cirie, who had a strong loyalty to Matt, and Felicia.

There is no doubt that Jag was a competition beast this season and he deserved to win the $750k grand prize. While Matt stayed true to who he was throughout the season, Jag showed a completely different version of himself to the jury and viewers at home as he gave one last fight for that major win. While it was overwhelming, and somewhat harsh, Jag ultimately succeeded as he was able to get a majority of the jury to vote for him as the winner. Big brother 25.

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