Jamie Campbell Bower fans ‘squealing’ over his haunting new music video

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After wrapping up the latest season of Stranger Things, popular actor Jamie Campbell Bower has dropped his new single, I Am. By resolving the demonic portrayal, fans can no longer see the link on his antagonist Vecna’s portrayal.

Directed by Vicente Cordero, Bower walks into a church, where the claps of his choir play to the rhythm of a guitar in the background. Flipping through the pages of the Bible, Jamie appears to have some kind of superpower at certain points in the clip.

Throughout the music video, Bower can still be seen looking at the camera as he promises to do all sorts of things. Its lyrics warn “pay your dues before the devil comes for you.”

Jamie Campbell releases ‘I Am’ music video

On 12 August, Jamie released his fourth single, titled I Am. In 2022, the actor continued his music career with his successful acting projects.

In 2017, the British actor announced that he and his band Counterfeit would be splitting up. He has released a total of four official singles by August 2022 – Crowe, Run On King Sugar, Devil In Me and I Am. Talented artists also preform covers online.

The two minute and 15 second track includes various religious references such as “I’m an angel, I’m a devil and I’m coming in”.

According to Rolling Stone, the actor portrayed two roles throughout the music video. Bower said in a statement: “A preacher on Mars, a fervent liturgist and a wayward congregation stumbling into a chapel”.

He added: “It’s a haunting show about dealing with your inner self”.

Fan reaction to his ‘diabolical’ side

It’s not the first time fans have seen a cast member of the popular series also happen to be a musician. For example, Joe Keery is about to release his sophomore album DeeJoe, and Finn Wolfhard plays in a band called The Aubreys.

As fans streamed the music video, two minutes were enough for them to comment on the strange voice the actor conveyed through the song. It has reached over 700,000 wives in less than a week.

One fan wrote: “I literally screamed when I saw this pop up in my recommendation. I’ve been streaming this song pretty much nonstop since it came out and I forgot the music video was a split second thing. I love the way Jamie played his roles in this video, he and his team certainly did not disappoint.”

Another fan claimed: “The only huge disappointment, which isn’t really a disappointment, is that the song is too short. I could listen to a five minute version of it. I like it though.”

A third wrote: “It’s both scary, disturbing but it made me feel emotional, loved and I keep watching it over and over again.”

Another joked: “God. With a pastor like him, I used to go to church every day and preach the word.

Vecna ​​happens

stranger things Jamie Campbell Bower as Peter Ballard in Stranger Things. No. Tina Rowden/Netflix © 2022

The final season of Stranger Things introduced none other than Vecna/Henry Creel/One, the antagonist in The Upside Down.

Becoming one of her most fearsome opponents in the season, Eleven (played by Millie Bobby Brown) battles the Mind Flayer, the Demogorgon, and the Demo Dogs far worse than the show.

As Netflix Life revealed, Millie first cried when she saw Jamie transform into his character.

Naturally, his role as the three-faced antagonist skyrocketed the actor’s fame. Going above and beyond to match Vecna’s anger and rage, he put himself in a dark room and even printed photographs of the victims with their eyes crossed to get into character.

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