Jannabi released an official apology for their controversial remarks at a rock festival

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K-pop band Jannabi has issued an apology for their questionable behavior at the Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival this year.

Here is everything you need to know.

Jannabi address their rude behavior at the rock festival

On 7th August, Jannabi released a statement on their official Instagram handle over their rude remarks at a concert.

They wrote, ‘We were unable to overcome the excitement of the stage and the wonderful audience that we have always dreamed of, which led to this inconvenience to other bands and the audience.’

It further read, ‘I never meant it, but I didn’t realize it could be seen as something like that. I will be careful not to make such a slip of the tongue from now on.’

The statement mentioned, ‘We will do our best to come back with better music and performances. Thank you for being with us!’

The band’s apology comes after they were reportedly rude towards the audience during their recent performance.

Furthermore, the Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival was held from 5th August to 7th August.

The line-up included Crying Nut, Jaurim, Se So Neon, Nell, Vampire Weekend, Japanese Breakfast, Mogwai as well as Jannabi.


However, several attendees have claimed that Jannabi’s Choi Jung-hoon, Kim Do-Hyung, and Jang Kyung-Joon passed some rude comments during their sub-headlining act on 6th August.

According to reports, the band made remarks at the expense of the US rock band Vampire Weekend, who were slated to perform their headlining act right after Jannabi’s gig.

The members of the band allegedly said during the event, ‘We started off in 2017 as the Pentaport super rookies. And we were the very first act on the tiniest stage. But little by little, we made it all the way here. The hurdle was not too far away.’

They continued, ‘We don’t even know who the next band is.’

The artists also encouraged the crowd to leave before the next act. 

They supposedly pointed out, ‘Go home now, everyone. We’re going to play [our song] ‘Come Back Home,’ and then we’re going to leave.’

Fans react to Jannabi’s alleged behavior at the festival

Many fans came forward to criticize Jannabi’s actions at the 2022 Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival. 

They took to Twitter to slam the Korean pop band

One fan wrote, ‘Their action is not polite to the next singer.’

Another chimed in saying, ‘It’s not even their solo concert.’

Moreover, another user noted, ‘Even Crying Nut in the previous day’s performance kept their courtesy to the next band.’

While someone questioned, ‘Why are they telling people to go home?’


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