Jeff Goldblum and Leonardo DiCaprio’s comments on the Super Bowl

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Jeff Goldblum makes a wild and enthusiastic appearance on the Super Bowl jumbotron, providing a stark contrast to Leonardo DiCaprio.

Jeff Goldblum, Leonardo DiCaprio, Super Bowl

Super Bowl LVIII found the Kansas City Chiefs winning their second consecutive Super Bowl championship by defeating the San Francisco 49ers 25-22 in overtime, but the event has become more than just the game itself. In addition to all the movie trailers and commercials, the Super Bowl audience is full of celebrities, and the Internet has been obsessed with the appearance of Leonardo DiCaprio and Jeff Goldblum for two. very various reasons.

Both Leonardo DiCaprio and Jeff Goldblum found themselves on the Super Bowl Jumbotron on Sunday, and their reactions were quite something. As Goldblum treats the experience as his first time on camera – beaming with a big smile and making a heart hand sign – DiCaprio retreats behind his baseball cap, making it almost impossible to identify. Check out the video comparison below.

The stark difference between the two celebrities has left fans wondering why Leonardo DiCaprio can’t be more like Jeff Goldblum and show a little more respect to his cheering fans. What do you think? Could DiCaprio wave to his fans, or was he entitled to some privacy?

When it comes to Super Bowl movie trailers, the most anticipated is also the best; of course, I’m talking about Deadpool 3with the title now Deadpool and Wolverine. While there wasn’t much of Wolverine in the trailer, it set the stage for Deadpool’s next big adventure. After celebrating his birthday with friends and family, Deadpool is taken by the TVA (Time Alteration Authority). After some meta-signals about Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox, Deadpool fits in and gets to work, hacking and making his way through the MCU. The trailer closes with Wolverine standing over Deadpool, although we don’t see his face. Bring trailer number 2.

Deadpool and Wolverine will be released in theaters on July 26. The film is the only MCU film to be released in theaters this year, which is quite a rarity. The last time this happened was over ten years ago when it was published The Avengers in 2012.

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