Jenna Ortega reluctantly performs Wednesday’s iconic dance in an SNL video

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In a Saturday Night Live promo ahead of her first guest appearance, Jenna Ortega eagerly performs her iconic Wednesday dance for the boys Please Don’t Destroy. Soon after that Wednesday premiered on Netflix in November 2022, one particular scene in episode 4, “Woe What a Night”, quickly went viral on social media. In the scene, Ortega, as Wednesday Addams, does a Wednesday-like dance to the song “Goo Goo Muck” by The Cramps. The scene even started a viral TikTok trend in which users recreated the dance to Lady Gaga’s “Bloody Mary” in the background.


Video from Ortega to come SNL appearance sees the actor performing the image Wednesday dance scene, albeit reluctantly. She played the routine with the comedy trio Please Don’t Destroy, who started working with him Saturday Night Live in 2021.

Although Ortega is not too keen on being asked to dance for the millionth time, she decides to humor the Please Don’t Destroy boys and enter the Wednesday spirit with them.

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What Jenna Ortega really thinks about Wednesday’s dance

Jenna Ortega dancing on Wednesday

The Wednesday Dancing is easily the most recognizable and iconic scene from the hit Netflix series. The viewers are not only captivated by the dance, but also by the unique story behind it. Despite having never danced before, Ortega volunteered to create himself. In addition, due to her heavy workload, she had to brainstorm the series in just two short days, getting inspiration from Goth kids dancing in clubs, dancing on Wednesdays Lisa Loring’s Addams, and ’70s rock bands. Although it wasn’t exactly a dance, it showed Ortega’s detailed understanding of Wednesday.

Since WednesdayAt first glance, celebrities like Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian and Camila Cabello have all joined the TikTok dance movement. It even reached Russia when skater Kamila Valieva recreated it Wednesday dance for one of her routines. However, the hype may have gotten to Ortega. In the Saturday Night Live promo, she told Please Don’t Destroy that the dance was overused for advertising and suggested doing something else. When they asked them, however, she went ahead with the performance while looking very tired.

It’s just a fictional skit, but it might speak to some truth. While Ortega expressed gratitude for the fans’ comments, she also admitted that she regretted it. Wednesday dance at times. As mentioned above, her workload was so heavy that she had little time to plan her movements. Therefore, she believes that there was more that she could have done to improve the dance and she finds the hype a little difficult to understand. Although it can be difficult at times to be something she regrets being so popular, Ortega still delights her fans by drawing her out. Wednesday moving.

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