Jeremy Renner reveals snow plow accident left him with ’30 plus broken bones’

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Jeremy Renner revealed he suffered “30 plus broken bones” as he shared a new health update following his devastating snowmobile accident on New Year’s Day.

The 52-year-old actor also expressed his gratitude for the outpouring of love and support he has received since the accident in an Instagram post on Saturday.

“Morning’s work, resolutions changed this special new years…

Jeremy Renner revealed that he was suffering "30 plus broken bones" in his devastating snow plow accident.

Jeremy Renner revealed he suffered “30 plus broken bones” in his devastating snowmobile accident.
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He continued, “I want to thank EVERYONE for their messages and thoughts for my family and I… Much love and respect to you all.”

JEREMY RENNER is missing his ‘happy place’ after serious injuries from a snow accident

“These 30 broken bones mend, become stronger, just as their love and connection with family and friends deepens. Love and blessings to you all,” Renner concluded, adding red heart and praying hands emojis.

In the photo shared by Renner, he was seen lying in bed with his hands folded over his chest as he appeared to be undergoing physical therapy.

Renner’s accident occurred on January 1 when he was trying to help a family member after the vehicle he was driving became stuck in the snow, authorities said. . About three feet of snow had fallen in a storm the night before in Reno, where Renner has a home near Lake Tahoe.

Using his PistenBully, a 14,000-pound snowcat, Renner was able to get the vehicle out of his driveway. After that, he left the Pistenbully and was talking to a family member when the snow plow started rolling unexpectedly.

When the “Hawkeye” actor tried to get back to the Pistenbully to stop it from moving, he was “run over” by the giant snowplow.

according to to the 911 call log obtained by Fox News Digital, Renner was “completely crushed” under the snowcat and had trouble “breathing” after the crash. The call log also said the Marvel star was “bleeding profusely from his head and other unknown injuries. Additionally, it was noted that the caller believed that Renner’s “right side of his chest has collapsed” and his “upper torso is crushed.”

Several of Renner’s neighbors quickly came to his aid, and he was taken to a hospital in Reno where he underwent surgery the next day, according to his rep.

“We can confirm that Jeremy has suffered a bad chest and orthopedic injury and underwent surgery today, January 2, 2023,” said a statement from Renner’s rep, according to People.

Renner shared regular updates about his condition with his fans on social media while he was hospitalized in the ICU.

Renner shared regular updates about his condition with his fans on social media while he was hospitalized in the ICU.

On January 3rd, Renner’s rep told Fox News Digital, “He’s still in ICU in critical but stable condition. He is very happy with showing love and support. The family asks for your continued thoughts as he heals with his loved ones. ”

While hospitalized in the ICU, Renner shared regular updates about his condition with his fans on social media.

On Monday, a California man revealed he was home from the hospital in a post he shared on Twitter.

Renner responded to a tweet posted by the “Mayor of Kingstown” Twitter account on the season two premiere.

“Mike and Iris found calm amidst the chaos. The season 2 premiere of #MayorOfKingstown is available NOW on @paramountplus,” read the tweet along with photos from the show.

“Outside of my brain fog in recovery, I was very happy to watch episode 201 with my family at home,” Renner replied.

It is unclear when Renner was released from the hospital, but season two of “Mayor of Kingstown” premiered on January 15. The actor stars as Mike McLusky in the thriller.

Dr. Robert Glatter, assistant professor of emergency medicine at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, told Fox News Digital that the accident could have been fatal, and while Renner’s recovery is going well, he is likely to have a difficult road, an extensive and potentially chronic rehabilitation. pain


“Getting over a nearly 15,000-pound piece of heavy equipment can be not only life-threatening, but life-ending,” Glatter said. “The fact that That Renner has survived and is making good progress so far is certainly encouraging.”

The physician, who treated athletes at the 2016 Rio Olympics, also weighed in on whether Renner can return to the big screen as an action star.

“Risk of long-term or chronic pain as a result of all of his injuries [such as possible rib fractures, a potential sternal fracture and cardiac contusion] presents ongoing challenges for rehabilitation,” he said.

“That said, his ability to return to action will be determined by how his rehabilitation progresses.”

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Fox News Digital’s Lauryn Overhultz contributed to this report.

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