JESSE WATTERS: People were scared and trapped in an underground canister by this guy

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Jesse Watters discusses the death of a homeless man after being mauled by a marine vet on the New York City subway and the beauty of Democrat-run cities Thursday on “Jesse Watters Primetime”.


JESSE WATTERS: This is not what the police signed up to, but it really is. It is not easy. Their job is to maintain order. And when the rule of law is upheld and when the police are not respected, cities turn on ticking time bombs, as we see here in New York.

A homeless man was on a subway car throwing trash at passengers, threatening them, saying things like this. I want food. I don’t take no for an answer. I’m ready to go to jail. I’ll do anyone on this train. I don’t care if I get a life sentence. I am ready to die.

Shouting at him. People were afraid. Women were afraid. They were locked in an underground canister with this guy… a homeless person At first he tried to calm down, but it got physical. And to subdue him, and prevent him from attacking him, the marine strangled him.

Protesters clash with police during Jordan Neely's protest

Protesters clash with police after Jordan Neely’s death. (FNTV)

You also saw other male passengers helping to subdue that man and the homeless man, Jordan Neely, unfortunately, he died. What a senseless tragedy. Even though it was an accident, the New York medical examiner ruled it a homicide, and we are still waiting for the toxicology report. The NYPD took the Marine in for questioning and released him without charge yet.

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This is a delicate and complex situation. We know nothing about the former Marine, not even his name. And no video goes up to the chokehold. The homeless man who died, Jordan Neely, had a long rap sheet to say the least. He was arrested 40 times. He had an active warrant for felony assault. Before his death, he was a schizophrenic drug addict, a Michael Jackson impersonator who played for tips.

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