Jude Law takes a stab at Captain Hook in new ‘Peter Pan & Wendy’ clip

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Photo courtesy of Disney

New Peter Pan & Wendy here’s a clip and we’re more than ready to travel to Neverland with Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. Disney’s latest live action of the classic film hits theaters on April 28 but until then, feast your eyes on Jude Law as the villainous Captain Hook.

The new clip shows Law as Hook loses his temper when a shooter mentions his arch nemesis Peter Pan by name. After shooting through his own cabin door, the captain sternly tells his crew to “never say his name” before casually walking through the broken door and the crew low Law makes a theatrical and unusual hook, hilariously telling the loyal Mr. Smee (played here by Jim Gaffigan) to “make a note [his] the cabin needs a new door.” Smee fearfully replies that this is the third door the captain has destroyed this month, to which Hook replies, “and it won’t be the last.”

We’re glad to see that the film is going to retain at least some of the humor of the original, especially since the dynamic of Hook and Smee is one of the reasons people like the animated film. The two live-action actors continue to display that animosity with a hilarious exchange about Hook’s infamous hook for a hand (obviously, the captain doesn’t like puns). Here’s hoping the next clip shows us a closer look at Hook’s other nemesis, the tick crocodile before the film is released.

Disney Peter Pan & Wendy hits theaters Friday, April 28.

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