Kai Cenat makes history after announcing a partnership with Nike

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In a deal no one saw coming, Kai Cenat has announced its partnership with Nike.

The popular Twitch streamer shared the news during a live stream on his channel on Friday (February 9).

“We are officially part of the Nike family,” he said.

Kai Cenat has officially partnered with Nike

This news was long overdue, Kai said, and it marks an important milestone not only for him but for the live streaming community as a whole.

Kai is the first streamer to join the Nike family, thus opening a new avenue for collaboration between other content creators and major brands.

Neither Nike nor Kai have explained the exact terms of their partnership so far. But the 22-year-old promised that “something big” was planned by the company for an upcoming live stream in Las Vegas.

He is also scheduled to participate in the upcoming NBA All-Star Celebrity Game on February 16. Kai plays on Team Shannon.

And now, with his partnership announced, he is believed to be wearing Nike gear at the annual sporting event.

According to Sneaker News, Nike’s partnership with Kai seems to reflect the brand’s effort to tap more into the Gen Z audience.

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Who better to help them with that than Kai? The New Yorker has literally become an internet sensation for his relatable personality and famous live streams. He has already won the title of ‘Stream of the Year’ twice and is considered one of the most watched streams on Twitch.

Kai’s Heated Feud With Joe Budden Over The Best Rap Album Debate

Kai’s big reveal comes just days after he’s been struggling with it Joe Buddendid not appreciate the climber’s comments about him Mike killer.

The rapper won Best Rap Album at the Grammys last week, beating the likes of Travis Scott and Drake.

But Kai disagreed with the Recording Academy’s choice as he shared his thoughts on a Twitch live stream.

“Who made the decision on this mother-in-law?” Kai said, per Complex. “Who the f***ka decided this mother***er? Lost? Utopia? Metro Boomin?”

Taking to ‘The Joe Budden Podcast’, the former TV star argued that streamers unfamiliar with Mike’s talent should learn to pipe and do their homework.

“Shut your ** up. Every little n****s flow doesn’t always run s**t,” he said. “Shut the f*** up. We don’t care about any of that flowy, moshpit, token little car whatever you’re doing over there. “

In response to the comment, Kai had a nice comeback for Budden as he took to his Twitch platform, saying:

“Stop talking about flow n*** like we have some lil ‘n-ggas, bro. I could buy you, my n***a. Do you understand that? I could pull up like 20 clips of you doubt every 2016 [XXL] Freshman, and look at them guys right now. You got one hit, Joe! ‘Pump it!’ No offense to your career and that’s not who you are, but come on bro!”

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