Karate Kid 6 is missing a key character that made Cobra Kai a global phenomenon

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  • Karate Kid 6 is in the works and will feature original actors Ralph Macchio and Jackie Chan, but the absence of Johnny Lawrence from William Zabka is a concern.
  • Sony Pictures has been tight-lipped about the plot and how the film will connect the original series to the 2010 remake.
  • The presence of William Zabka as Johnny Lawrence is essential to the success of Cobra Kai, and it would be a mistake to exclude him from Karate Kid 6.

Karate kid 6 is currently in the works at Sony Pictures, and while a couple of iconic actors from the franchise are set to appear in the upcoming film, not one actor has been confirmed to appear despite the importance of them in the movies and Cobra Kai. First The Karate Kid a film that was first released in 1984 and started a mega-successful franchise that includes five films (released) and two television shows. After the victory of the Cobra Kai on Netflix, the production company is proceeding with the sixth film that will bring together stars from previous projects.

Little is known about the sixth film apart from the fact that two important characters will appear in it. Additionally, Jonathan Entwistle is directing the film, and Rob Lieber is writing it. However, when it comes to the plot and how it connects the original series to the 2010 remake, Sony Pictures remains tight-lipped. Although the recent cast list news is an interesting sign of where Entwistle and Lieber are headed Karate kid 6it’s also worrying because it doesn’t have a single prominent name from the franchise.

The trailer for Sony’s new Karate Kid movie does not include William Zabka’s Johnny

according to Date, Ralph Macchio and Jackie Chan are expected to reprise their roles The Karate Kid roles in the upcoming sixth film. Macchio played Daniel LaRusso in the first three The Karate Kid movies and is one of the main characters in it Cobra Kai on Netflix, and Chan portrayed Mr. Han (based on Mr. Miyagi from the original series) in the 2010 remake. However, one important character in the franchise was missing from the cast list released for the upcoming project – William Zabka.

Zabka played against Daniel, Johnny Lawrence, in The Karate Kid in 1984 and went on to make a cameo in the first sequel before returning to his role in Cobra Kai in 2018. Despite his prominent presence in the Netflix television series, Zabka has not been confirmed as one of the cast members. Karate kid 6. One would think that his character would be part of the story, and he still may be as Sony Pictures has just announced that Macchio and Chan will be appearing in the film. Related: Is Karate Kid a Movie in the Cobra Kai Universe? Why the theory really works

Why Johnny Lawrence should be in the new Karate Kid movie

William Zabka and Ralph Macchio in Cobra Kai

Only time will tell if it’s coming The Karate Kid The film will feature William Zabka as Johnny Lawrence, but it would be a mistake to rule it out. Zabka is one of the main reasons Cobra Kai was successful and ran for five seasons (with a sixth and final one on the way). Johnny’s redemption in the Netflix show is one of its highlights, and it wouldn’t feel right if Zabka didn’t star alongside Ralph Macchio in Karate kid 6.

Karate kid 6 The first release is scheduled for December 13, 2024.

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