Kardashian fans think Kim got ‘new plastic surgery’ after spotting detail

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Kardashian fans think Kim has ‘new plastic surgery’ after spotting details Welcome to #Kardashian #fans #Kim #plastic #surgery #spotting #detail 50Mind S BlogHere is the latest breaking news and trending broadcast for you today: :

Kardashian fans have noticed a small detail in a new photo that claims Kim has undergone plastic surgery on her face.

While some fans have focused on Kim’s face, others have expressed concern about the extremely thin body underneath.

Kardashian fans believe they've found a detail that 'proves' Kim recently had plastic surgery


Kardashian fans believe they have found a detail that ‘proves’ Kim has recently had plastic surgeryCredit: Mega Agency
The fan referred to seeing strange details in recent photos of Kim


A fan referred to finding strange details in recent photos of KimCredit: Instagram

Fans on the popular Kardashian-dedicated Reddit board reposted several new photos shared by the Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum.

The photos show Kim, 41, posing in a basement gym while wearing a skimpy beige bikini and thigh-high Yeezy camo print boots.

Some fans pointed out Kim’s choice of footwear and what the decision might mean, while others saw something “off” about Kim’s face.

“Her face looks really different than it did a few weeks ago,” wrote one curious fan, prompting others to share their opinion in the comment thread.

Another Redditor added: “I’m pretty sure she did something to her nose.”

Another person agreed, “Looks like it in the first photo, but I really hope she doesn’t.

Then added, “What obsession with small noses in this family? They can look good, sure, but not when it’s completely destroyed [the] Internal harmony of the face. ”

A third fan chimed in: “That’s her nostril for me!! Not here specifically but in other photos and videos lately they are so flared and uneven. ”

“In the video of her taking the shot, her nose definitely looks like it’s all MJ’ out,” agreed a fourth.

The final commenter added: “I know this is crazy and in the video she recently posted in her office her nostrils are very flared and uneven. Something is off.”

Almost Famous

Aside from Botox, Kim has remained tight-lipped about whether or not she’s had plastic surgery, though it’s been suggested she’s had plenty of cosmetic work.

In a recent video, Kardashian fans praised how “beautiful” teenage Kim looked before plastic surgery.

A TikTok video clip from Entertainment Tonight shows a less polished and more relaxed Kim.

Taken in 1994, the future TV personality gives an interview at what appears to be a high school dance.

The bubbly teenager holds court and delivers some surprisingly accurate predictions as she sports a fuller, round face and jaw-length bob cut.

The clip begins with Kim speaking, a mile a minute, directly to the camera/cameraperson.

“[Are] Are you taping this? Because I hope you do, so that when I’m famous and grown up, you can see me and remember me… this beautiful girl.

“Excuse me, are you leaving?” Kim calls out to the wandering cameraman as if she has already asked the camera crew to film her life.

She introduced herself: “My names Kim Kardashian, I’m the dopest person in this class.”

After the video, teenage Kim is doing some kind of manic spinning trick.

The young Kardashian’s voiceover continues as she dances: “Everybody loves me because I’m so popular!”

The clip ends with Kim still clinging to Mike: “We’ve had so many memories but you know those are the ones I’ll miss the most!”

‘Natural beauty

The Reddit board that housed the ET clip was quickly flooded with comments about Kim’s appearance as her younger self.

“She’s gorgeous tbf no wonder she has a huge ego,” wrote one Redditor.

Another wrote: “She sounds and acts like Kourtney. It’s crazy how much she’s changed. ”

One fan commented: “That strong chin! She’s clearly shaved and sculpted now but she looked great then, her features were really good!”

Others added a general appreciation for Kim’s natural beauty pre-plastic surgery.

“She looks so beautiful here” one person commented while another added, “Wow she was so beautiful”.

A third shared the sentiment: “She was so beautiful… still is.”

Slim Kim

Lately, Kardashian fans have been more concerned about the SKIMS founder’s thin frame than her possibly surgically altered face.

Kim showed off her slim figure in a shocking video after going to the extremes of diet and exercise to transform her body.

In May, the reality TV star revealed that she cut carbs and sugar on a drastic diet to fit into her Met Gala dress, which was originally worn by Marilyn Monroe.

However, Kim’s weight loss didn’t stop there and fans fear she may have taken it too far as she frequently shares photos of her slimming frame.

On Friday, the TV personality posted a video of herself sporting a tiny black top that exposed her midsection.

Her tiny waist was on full display in the clip, as were her ribs, which appeared to stick out as she posed alongside her gal pal Lala Anthony, who was dressed in all white.

In an earlier video, Kim gave fans a closer look at her body, showing off her chiseled abs as she pursed her lips at the camera.

She was seen in the same outfit in a TikTok video, which caused panic among fans due to her recent slim down.

The mother-of-four hit back with Yris Palmer’s TikTok appearance at sister Kylie Jenner’s birthday bash.

Kim’s top was seen slipping off her as she held a drink in one hand and a glass of fruit juice in the other.

Fans couldn’t help but take to Reddit to express their thoughts.

One fan wrote: “Well she’s really short.”

Another added: “Seriously, how [is] Is she doing this?

Fans also spotted Kim wearing Yeezy boots during a new photo shoot


Fans spotted Kim wearing Yeezy boots during a new photo shootCredit: Instagram/@kimkardashian
Kardashian fans praised how 'pretty' teenage Kim looked before any plastic surgery


Kardashian fans praise how ‘beautiful’ teenage Kim looked before any plastic surgeryCredit: Entertainment Tonight
Kim showed off her slim frame and chiseled abs during sister Kylie Jenner's birthday party


Kim showed off her slim frame and chiseled abs during sister Kylie Jenner’s birthdayCredit: Instagram

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