Kassy & Leonardo from Love Island Season 5 are already bringing the drama

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Love Island USA season 5 hasn’t just started, but Kassy and Leonardo are already bringing the drama to the season. When the two chose each other at the revamped first engagement ceremony, they seemed like the perfect match. Kassy and Leonardo speak Spanish, which strengthened their bond and convinced him that Kassy was better for him than the white Anna. However, things changed very quickly for the two.

Last season, Sydney and Isaiah were the most chaotic pair in the series Love Island USA town They broke up and got back together again and again but they made it out of town together and are still going strong. Although it always hurts to see the islanders heartbroken, the most impressive couples are the ones who bring the most entertainment to the show. This season, Kassy and Leonardo have stepped up to the plate.

Kassy & Leonardo are the most impressive couple of Love Island USA Season 5

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Kassy is already falling hard for Leonardo despite only knowing him for about a day. Unfortunately, the feelings do not seem to be mutual. Leonardo admits he’s attracted to Kassy, ​​but he’s having a lot of fun getting to know other islanders like Anna and the new bombshell Carmen. This did not go over well with Kassy, ​​and although she has not broken down crying yet, she has shown her jealousy during confession and even told Leonardo that she feels he is avoiding her. While he gets to know other islanders and she still wants him for herself, things are not going to get worse for the two.

Will Kassy & Leonardo stay together at the Love Island USA Villa?

Kassy and Leonardo from Love Island USA

While Sydney and Isaiah went back and forth throughout the season, they seemed to have a strong bond from the beginning. This is not like Kassy and Leonardo. Kassy is much more into Leonardo than he is into her, which could end badly for the couple. Kassy has kept to herself so far, but if Leonardo decides to reconnect with someone else, it might overwhelm her. While she also has other options, she’s unlikely to get over it quickly, bringing even more drama to Love Island USA season 5.

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Based on what has happened between couples in past seasons Love Island USA, fans will likely watch these two go back and forth all season long until someone finally makes a decision or one of them gets sent away. Whatever happens, Kassy and Leonardo seem to be the most impressive and interesting pair Love Island USA season 5.

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