Kevin Durant of the Suns talks about how his trade request from the Nets came about

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Phoenix Suns superstar Kevin Durant doesn’t regret anything that has happened in his life, including his time with the Brooklyn Nets, according to a piece by Vincent Goodwill of Yahoo! Sports. Durant made his debut for the Suns on Wednesday and after scoring 23 points in the winning effort, he had a chat with Goodwill about everything that has happened with Durant recently.

For starters, Durant, who has already stood up to players who want clear trades during the All-Star break, said he doesn’t see his trade request from Brooklyn as a bad thing. He noted that he was not the first player to request a trade and he would not be the last. Durant announced that his trade request was due to his uncertainty about the future of the Nets.

Durant had a direct response to those in the media, such as Charles Barkley and TNT’s Shaquille O’Neal, who disagree with his actions and where he ranks within the list of all-time players in NBA history. . Durant doesn’t care what anyone has to say and all he wants to do is play basketball and not worry about the extra stuff like being a leader and things like that. Durant had a lot to say to Goodwill:

“I’m not the first to get a trade or ask for a trade. I don’t look at myself or my status in the league that I can’t go through what other players in the league go through.

I was thinking who’s in the building, then when the (expletive) started happening. We are not playing well. KI (Kyrie Irving) requested a trade. It felt like not much (expletive) was happening to us. But I was stuck in. I felt that my play showed people that I was really committed to the group.

As for managing a team, I don’t need to coach any team. Whatever happens, we do it together. [Monty’s] the leader, he is the coach. The GM puts the team together. I have to go out and circle. That’s my job.

I have no regrets at all. There’s nothing I do in my life I regret,” Durant said. “[Not] signing an extension worth that much money?”


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