Kevin Smith says he is writing a new film featuring the two dynamic

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Kevin Smith says he is writing Jay and Silent Bob 3 after losing a bet to his friend and screen partner Jason Mewes.

Jay and Silent Bob 3, Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes

Snoogins! Kevin Smith says he’s bringing Jay and Silent Bob back for another movie! Do you know what that means? More stoner absurdity, crude humor, and convenience store loitering! Let’s go!

“Right now as we speak, I’m writing another Jay and Silent Bob movie,” Smith told The 53-year-old Swiss Army Knife of cinematic talent says he lost a bet to his friend and co-star Jason Mewes, and now the dynamic duo are ready to roll more blunts, drink beers, and groove to Morris Day and the Time ! “Me and Jay, we always have fun doing those and stuff, so I lost a bet with him. And so I’m writing another Jay and Bob movie,” said Smith. caught up with Smith at LA Comic Con, where the filmmaker moderated a panel called The Art of Hope: Cancer and Comics, On and Off the Page. The panel included healthcare professionals and creative people from the comic book industry who are cancer survivors.

Smith released Jay and Silent Bob strike back in 2001. In the laugh-out-loud comedy Jay and Silent Bob look to destroy the movie “Bluntman and Chronic”, based on a comic book that featured the stoner duo as ganja-tokin superheroes. In 2019, Smith dropped out Jay and Silent Bob reboot, focusing on Jay and Silent Bob accidentally signing away their names and rights to the new Bluntman and Chronic movie. Regretting what they have done, the two head to Hollywood to stop making the film. Along the way, Jay discovers that he is his father.

Jay and Silent Bob strike back banked $33M worldwide, with Jay and Silent Bob reboot pulling in $4.6M. Smith says yes Jay and Bob are quiet movies are some of the most fun he’s ever had making movies. His long-time friendship with Mewes is the stuff of Hollywood legends, and the thought of them teaming up for another unlikely event is already making me smile.

What do you think of Smith and Mewes getting the band back together for another one Jay and Bob are quiet movie? Where do you think they should go next? Who do you think will be reprising their roles from previous films to increase the star power of the sequel? Let us know in the comments below.

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