Killer Doll movie sets the bar high for 2023

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We are only a few days into 2023, and M3GAN may be my favorite movie of the year. You have a lot to live up to, 2023!

If you have seen the trailers for M3GANyou know the story very well. Allison Williams plays Gemma, a robot who works for a company that builds AI toys. When her sister and brother-in-law are killed in a car accident in the film’s opening moments, she is left to care for her nine-year-old niece, Cady (Violet McGraw). Despite working with toys, Gemma has no experience with children, and it shows. She is awkward around Cady, she doesn’t understand simple things like getting toys for children, and avoids talking about difficult topics – like the death of her parents. Instead, Gemma speeds up a new toy she’s been building, the Model 3 Generative Android – M3GAN for short.


M3GAN is a doll that syncs and learns from a child – in this case, Cady. It has all sorts of fancy-schmancy AI bells and whistles that mean it can learn anything the child needs to know, from syntax facts to how to draw and dance, directly holding a conversation and being a good listener. Cady becomes attached to M3GAN very quickly. M3GAN becomes just as connected as Cady, just as quickly – but with more deadly results. As you can see, M3GAN’s main directive is to protect Cady, physically and emotionally. So when someone hurts Cady, M3GAN takes it personally. And then she looks less like Raggedy Ann and more like The Terminator.

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STORY: ‘M3GAN’ Director Gerard Johnstone on Bringing the Killer Doll to Life

There is no conversion M3GAN. No big surprises, nothing you don’t expect. Part of that is due to the marketing department, which gave the entire movie away in the second trailer. But nevertheless, M3GAN it’s still a very good movie. It’s fun, it’s funny, and it’s weird. One of the best scenes in the movie is M3GAN sitting on a toy table, surrounded by traditional stuffed teddy bears and puppies and what not. And there is M3GAN, sitting silently, with a proud voice on her pale face, no one.

M3GAN herself is surprised. Created with a combination of puppets, animatronics, VFX, and human acting (Amy Donaldwith voice by Jenna Davis), it is difficult to tell when it is real, when it is fake, and when it is a mixture. M3GAN’s sound design definitely helps with the character’s illusion. With almost every step, M3GAN rattled and clicked, the sounds of gears moving. Not loud enough to be obnoxious, just obvious, so it’s clear that M3GAN is a robot. Jenna Davis brings a particularly joyous voice to M3GAN, making her sound both light and somehow ominous. The human actors are also very good. Allison Williams brought her A game, as always, playing Gemma as the horrible aunt who thinks she has everything under control. Especially impressive is young Violet McGraw, who loved it as Cady, bringing both grief over the death of her parents and joy over her new friend. She is a brat when she needs to be, and she cares when the time is right.

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The movie is not perfect. There were a few plot details that felt like they were thrown in, namely the idea of ​​corporate espionage that will be mentioned later but not explored in any meaningful way, and would the film would have been fine without this addition. The film also takes its time before we get to any kind of danger, but luckily, M3GAN it’s funny enough to keep the story flowing.

M3GAN maybe just be a Malignant of 2023. There’s no twist, but it’s a weird, bonkers movie. Director Gerard Johnstone he knocked it out of the park with his second film. It’s not traditionally scary, but it is scary. As the world makes more progress in AI and robotics, these scenarios become more and more possible. Luckily, you have the odd image of M3GAN twerking or driving an expensive sports car to make you laugh past the discomfort.


M3GAN coming to theaters on January 6th.

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