Kim Kardashian now owns Princess Diana’s necklace! But will she ruin it like critics claimed with Marilyn Monroe’s dress?!

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Kim Kardashian has added a piece of royal jewelry to her collection!

Kimmy Kakes opened her wallet big time and spent a pretty penny to snag Princess Dianathis week’s iconic diamond cross necklace. according to TMZ stores, the STORIES the founder unveiled the rare diamond-encrusted piece on Wednesday at a Sotheby’s rup.

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A representative from Sotheby’s even revealed how much she made up to own the famous necklace. Ready for it?!


Wowza! Check out the iconic item (below)!

The price tag seems to come from the historical background of the necklace. The purple cross is called the “Attallah Cross”. It was notably worn in 1987 at a charity gala in London by Prince Harry and Prince Williamhis late mother (as seen above). She placed the necklace, which hung low down her torso, with a purple and black cloth. It was considered a very bold fashion choice back in the day, so it’s only natural that today’s fashion icon would want it as her own!

At the time, Diana was borrowing the piece from Garrard jewelry company, but it has since come into the possession of the auction house. And now it’s on its way to Kim!

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The reality star adds this to her growing collection, which includes items from Elizabeth Taylor and Jackie O, among others. Of course, Kanye Westex-wife has recently revealed that she loves historical fashion pieces, especially after dressing up Marilyn Monroein her wonderful dress at the Met Gala. But, as we all know, that didn’t turn out exactly as she hoped.

Kim made headlines in May when she showed up to the gala in the same gown Marilyn wore to sing JFK Happy Birthday in 1962. It was made by Jane Louis and Bob Mackie. The model reportedly had to crash diet to lose 16 pounds in just three weeks to fit into the dress, and Believe it or not Ripley The Hollywood museum, the dress’ current home, said that “great care” had been taken to “preserve this piece of pop culture history.” ” But not everyone agreed.

The Collection of Marilyn Monroe of charge Instagram account was keeping tabs on the condition of the dress – saying the masterpiece was ruined after Kim walked the red carpet! You can see the obvious before and after here:

Yes. Hard not to see the wear and tear there, no matter how hard Ripley wants to say nothing went wrong! But at least in this case she owns the fashion piece and is not borrowing it.

I wonder how the royals feel about the jewelry going to Kardashian!? From British royalty to the US version of it! LOLz! What about you, Perezcious readers? Excited to see Kim snag this piece or not? Let us know (below)!

[Image via Kim Kardashian/YouTube & Anwar Hussein/WENN]

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