Kunle Afod’s wife, Desola fights dirty with husband’s alleged pregnant side chick

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Kunle AFOD’s wife Desola Afod got into trouble with a female troll who claimed she was pregnant for her husband.

Her co-star Kunle Afode, who is known for his cheating habit, was heavily criticized by trolls.

Mocking him, the troll claimed to be pregnant for him.

“Afod didn’t stop at his d-ck. We were not born for your husband.”

Desola, who was irritated by her remark, did not reprimand her and did not hesitate to swear that she would never leave her husband, even if it was true.

The troll wrote: “Why would you want to kill yourself for a man who doesn’t love you? Not only do you love up and down. What a dirty bastard praising the husband. She has another wife and she is in Ibadan and she is currently pregnant and they are both planning an engagement soon you will know the news”

Responding to the troll, Desola Afode revealed that she will not leave her husband for the situation or his misdeeds.

She wrote: Use your original account … Fuck your mama at AFOD! Make every woman born to me… she will be my children’s slave and I will not leave him… I don’t need him to love me..: As long as I’m moving” she responded.

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