Kwanzaa Meaning Explained as Kanye West slams Black festival in Instagram post

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Kanye West can’t stay away from the limelight, especially with his comments on social media as he recently bashed Kwanzaa in his Instagram post. The rapper has since split from his ex-wife Kim Kardashian. He has never stayed away from the eyes of social media. However, his recent Kwanzaa post is going viral on the internet.

Read on to learn more about Kanye West in his Instagram post about Kwanzaa.

Kanye West criticizes Sierra Canyon School’s Kwanzaa teachings

Kanye West has been criticizing Kardashian and Adidas for a long time now. However, this time he’s not bashing Adidas but has something to say about Sierra Canyon School and its Kwanzaa teaching. He shared about it on his Instagram post which is no longer available.

Kanye West’s September 1st Instagram post

Kanye says in the post, “They teach black kids Kwanzaa at Sierra Canyon, what Kwanzaa is and who made those bulls”. The post has gone viral on social media. “Let’s see if I can block Mark again,” he said. By Mark he meant to refer to Mark Zuckerberg.

What is Kwanzaa?

Kwanzaa is a festival celebrated in most United States schools. It usually falls at the end of the year from December 26 to January 1 of the following year. The festival is meant to celebrate the African family and certain social values. The first Kwanzaa celebration came in 1966. The celebration gives one Kwanza principal each day.

Principles can be faith, self-determination, solidarity and more. The tradition is for a family member to light one of the candle holders and discuss a principle each day.

Kanye West’s children study in Donda

Although Kanye West has generated a lot of buzz with his posts on Kwanzaa and more. Now they have deleted it. However, he said his children study at Donda, the rapper’s educational institution. Despite all this, he once claimed that he was unable to make decisions about his son’s schools.

Meanwhile, apart from all this, Kanye has always created buzz with his comments on the Kardashians and his equation with them, especially Kim. Make no mistake, Kim dated Pete Davidson after her divorce from Kanye. Kanye also dated many women after his split from Kim.

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