LAURA INGRAHAM: The closer you are to the Bidens, the more likely you are to be rich

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Fox News host Laura Ingraham addresses President Biden’s economic pitch to voters ahead of the 2024 presidential election on “The Ingraham Angle.”

LAURA INGRAHAM: I have my own interpretation of Bidenomics. It’s an economic theory where the closer you are to the Biden family, the more likely you are to get rich. And just what part of it Biden’s economic record are we supposed to celebrate tonight?


The Biden team thought they could throw away their bad numbers, as if our economic growth this year is going to be a pathetic 1.6% and next year it will drop even lower to 1 %, placing us at or below the rest of all other member countries. Now, only Biden calls it the restoration of the American Dream when Americans have to give up the dream of owning a home – with home sales fall more than 20%.

Now remember, Biden’s year of strong growth was in 2021, before his inflationary costs fell and his anti-oil and gas policies came into effect. Mr. Biden’s performance today, when you look at it, was kind of the ultimate study in cynicism. To go talk to a country where workers are suffering and fear and that your plan is to keep the same economic team, the same economic policies that are going to bring the same pain to Americans? Your answer is to launch a branding campaign using your own name?

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A real president would see these numbers and heads would come. He would say that 1% growth is unacceptable. It is unbearable. A real president would call leaders from both parties and probably decide, “Let’s give Americans tax relief. Let’s change our trade policy,” starting with that crazy $800 de minimis package, to give China no duty and actually help American workers and small businesses to change. Tell them, “Let America move again. How do we do that?”

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