LAURA INGRAHAM: The left cares about power, not your quality of life

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Laura Ingraham talks about how the left can clean up San Francisco after it was announced that Chinese President Xi Jinping would be meeting with President Biden there on “The Ingraham Angle.”


LAURA INGRAHAM: Now, for years, the Democrats have been elected in San Francisco and Democratic governors have said that fixing the problem of homelessness and crime was complicated, and that it would take more money and a lot of patience. Police officers told “The Angle” they felt helpless.

Drug dealers and drug users clashed on a street corner

Drug dealers and drug users gather across the street from the San Francisco Federal Building. (Fox News Digital/Jon Michael Raasch)

Now, this shows us what a complete fraud this is political leaders because they were always able to clean up the cities and clear the drug dens to send a strong message to criminals. But they chose not to.

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The answer? The left cares about power, not the quality of your life. They allowed the city to sink into poverty because changing policies would mean admitting that their high-tax, anti-police, pro-crime policies were wrong. But now they are a bit like teenage girls primping before a date. Newsom prints things for someone he needs to pick up.

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