Lauri Markkanen was one second away from recording one of the wildest buzzer-beaters you will ever see.

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Sacramento Kings vs. Utah Jazz
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The Sacramento Kings have had their share of wild endings this season, several of which don’t pan out. On Tuesday, it was another crazy ending, but this time Sacramento got the break it needed to escape with an exciting 117-115 victory over the Jazz.

De’Aaron Fox goes down like a hero with 37 points, 22 of them in the fourth quarter, and the game-winning bucket with 0.4 seconds left, clearing everyone and shooting past him Lauri Markkanen.

Fox’s shot almost topped it off with the look of one of the craziest shots you’ll ever see. After Fox’s goal, the Jazz, who were out of time, had to launch a full-court pass, which Markkanen, after going up the sideline, caught cleanly and, in one move, he sent the ball back to the circle from 3. All net.

Sure, there’s some luck in that shot, but that kind of touch from that side also speaks to Markkanen’s true shooting skill. Too bad it didn’t count. Upon further review, you can see that the ball is indeed still in Markkanen’s hand with the alit backboard in double zero red.

I will say that it is interesting that we study those buzzer-beating pictures with absolute certainty but we hardly think about whether the clock started at the exact right time. This shot should have counted if the clock operator was a tenth of a second early in hitting the switch. I watched the play about 10 times. It seems that the operator of the clock was on time. It’s just a side I was thinking.

Regardless, with the win, the Kings improved to 20-16, as they currently own the No. 5 seed in the Western Conference.

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