Leah Messer Updates Daughter Ali’s Muscular Dystrophy Battle

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For years, Leah Messer to have hope, grace and faith – both the title of her 2020 memoir crafted using her daughters’ middle names and a strong trust that everything will turn out okay.

And now the A teenage mother star has proof she wasn’t wrong to feel confident in her beliefs. Almost 10 years later a 13-year-old girl Aliannah she was diagnosed with a rare and treatable form of muscular dystrophy, “Not only has she become physically stronger,” Leah, also the mother of Ali’s twin sister Aleeah and 10 years old Adalan, said E! News in a special interview, “she has also become stronger in her mind.”

The 31-year-old credits Ali’s commitment to equine therapy for improvements such as news last year that her strength had improved and her weight and growth charts were looking better than it has always been.

Riding horses with her sisters has “given her purpose,” said Leah, who shares Ali and Aleeah ​​with an ex. Corey Simms and Addie with ex-husband Jeremy Calvert. “And I love being a part of it with her.”

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