Lebanon, Gabon and South Sudan get back the UN vote, not Venezuela

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UNITED NATIONS – The president of the UN General Assembly announced on Tuesday that Lebanon, Gabon and South Sudan had made enough payments to restore their voting rights in the 193-member world body, leaving Venezuela as the one country that is banned from voting.

President Csaba Kőrösi told a full meeting of the Senate that the three countries reduced their arrears to the regular budget of the UN below the amount specified in the United Nations Charter to protect rights to cut off voting.

The Convention states that countries will be prevented from voting if their arrears are equal to or higher than their assessed contribution to the UN budget for the previous two years.

Senate spokeswoman Paulina Kubiak said four countries are still in arrears but the General Assembly passed a resolution in October authorizing three poor and conflict-ridden countries – the Comoros, Sao Tome and Principe , and Somalia – voting until the end of the current session. in September.

That leaves only the fourth country, Venezuela, in arrears and unable to vote.

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