Leslie Grace shares a new look at Batgirl’s costume from a canceled movie

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Actress Leslie Grace has given fans a new look at what her costume as Batgirl would look like in the canceled film.

In a recent Instagram post summarizing the past year, Grace noted that she would take the lessons 2022 gave her into the new year. The video recap for the year included footage of Grace on set and in the Batgirl costume. You can check out a picture of the outfit below:

“Thank you for teaching me, 2022. You were single in many ways that will stay with me,” Grace said in the post. “My gratitude and love for life is much deeper because of the experiences you have given me. I will take your lessons with me as we part. “

In addition to the image of Grace in full Batgirl costume, there are many brief shots of her on set, as well as what appear to be training sessions for the role as well. The video also does a good job of breaking down how much of Grace’s 2022 was spent preparing and filming the movie, which makes the film’s setting even more difficult for those involved.

Stick girl set as the star of Grace (In the Heights) in the role of Barbara Gordon, daughter of Gotham City police commissioner James Gordon. The hero was first seen in 1967 Batman series with the late Yvonne Craig playing Barbara. Her first appearance was in a comic book Detective Comics #357 by writer Gardner Fox and artist Carmine Infantino.

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