Lisa Marie Presley dead: Remembering Lisa Marie Presley: The star’s life in pictures

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Lisa Marie Presley was only nine years old when her father died at the age of 42 in 1977, also due to a heart attack.

Over the years, there have been reports that Lisa Marie was at Graceland when Elvis Presley died, and she is also reported to have seen her father’s lifeless body in the moments after his death.

After her death on January 13, 2022, Elvis’ stepbrother, David E. Stanley, appeared to him The Sun he was also at Graceland on the day Elvis died, August 16, 1977, and Lisa Marie came to find him.

Stanley said he was playing pool with a friend when Lisa Marie and her friend, who was the niece of Ginger, Elvis’ girlfriend at the time, came rushing towards him.

“Daddy is sick … we can’t wake him up,” he says she told him.

Stanley said Lisa Marie’s call was not a surprise at the moment, as it had “seen it happen many times before” so he was “not shocked”.

“She told me there were people with him, so I told my friend to run him home, because I suspected we might have to cancel a trip or make arrangements,” he told the out.

Stanley then went back to Graceland, and an ambulance pulled into the front gates of the estate.

This is when he started to panic. Moments later, he learned that the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll had died.

Previously, Lisa Marie had spoken about the hours before her father’s death, revealing that Elvis kissed her goodnight and put her to bed the night before, but when she woke up, she knew something was wrong.

“I knew something was wrong, because I was in my room which was right next to his bathroom,” Lisa Marie previously said in a television interview.

“So I knew something was very wrong. Anything and everything. I was a wreck.

“I was a mess, but I was also upset because I was so upset.”

Here, Lisa Marie is pictured months before Elvis’ death in Los Angeles in March 1977.

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