Marcus Jordan & Larsa Pippen’s Wedding Date ‘In The Works’

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Larsa Pippen maybe walking down the aisle again! Anyway, that’s her, Marcus Jordanunderstood when the media asked about wedding bells on Wednesday (August 17).

TMZ caught the couple leaving a restaurant in West Hollywood, California. As Larsa and Marcus made their way to a black truck, an off-camera pap asked Jordan, “What is the possibility of marriage between you and Larsa?”

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With a broad smile, he shot back, “We’re looking for a place,” and said it a second time. The pap continued with, “Do you have a date? Although Jordan did not specify how soon they plan to tie the knot, he did say that a wedding date is “in the works.”

It is worth noting that Marcus Jordan was questioning in both questions. At the moment, The Shadow Room I can’t confirm if Jordan was serious or telling a joke.

Pippen remained silent for the better part of the 40-second clip. When the pap asked the second question, Larsa was put into the car. When asked about a wedding dress, she dropped the question, simply saying, “Bye, baby,” apparently at their guest.

Marcus Jordan has been thinking about marrying Larsa: Thread

Fortunately for Larsa, this is not the first time that Jordan has said that he wants to make her his wife. His wedding date and location revelations come just over a month after he revealed they are in a “worse phase”.

While he is talking to Entertainment tonight, he said that their honeymoon phase is still intact but that they have been “spending a lot of time together. ” The Cup Room owner said they are keeping information together about their “independent lives.”

And despite leading their own high-profile lives, Marcus Jordan and Larsa Pippen have been openly dating in the spotlight. From first rejecting romance in September to getting picked up at a concert weeks later, spending Thanksgiving together, and now co-hosting a relationship podcast, they’ve been in GO mode – twin edition.

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Then in June, on their podcast separation anxiety, the couple talked about having a child together. Although Pippen admitted that she was fulfilled with her four children, she revealed that she would be “open to having another child.”

As for Marcus Jordan, he admitted that he had thoughts about it recently, but said that it was the Chamber of Trophies that became his “baby”. The collectibles shop was an attempt to “establish [his] own name outside of being Michael Jordan’s son.”

What will Michael Jordan think of his son marrying Larsa Pippen?

Unfortunately for the seemingly happy couple, the OG Jordan does not seem to be compatible with their decision to be in a relationship. On July 2, Michael Jordan smiled when a pap in Paris asked him what he thought of his son’s latest romance. When asked if he agreed, Jordan flat out said “no,” even shaking his head, indicating no.

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There is no public word from Michael about what his son said about marrying Larsa. However, the “Real Housewives Of Miami” star later revealed on their podcast that her future father-in-law’s comments were not funny. Instead, she admitted she felt “kind of embarrassed” while Marcus Jordan “thought it was funny.” “

Pippen later suggested that she could understand that it might have been “weird” for the NBA history maker. Nevertheless, she said she felt “traumatized”. Larsa said to him, “I was like, what are we going to do, people think I lied.”

At the same time, Marcus said that his father told him later that he did not mean his opinion.

“…Obviously we talked to both of our parents, and we got permission. I think he was joking, and it got out of proportion… if you don’t know who my father is at heart, he could be taken in the wrong way,” he said.

Has Marcus Jordan inherited his father’s sense of humor, or will Larsa wear a normal wedding dress soon? Only time will tell!

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