Marvel delays ‘Deadpool 3’ and several other films

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Fortunately, the actors’ strike has come to an end. That means that production will start again soon. It also means that the release schedule for the rest of the year and 2024 is likely to flow. Some companies such as Disney are already announcing delays. Others are likely to follow suit and delay other highly anticipated films.

Marvel, for example, is moving around tons of unfinished movies before the start of the actors’ strike. More obviously, the upcoming ones Deadpool 3which was supposed to open in theaters on May 3, 2024 was pushed back to mid-summer, and will now open on July 26.

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Pushing back a Marvel movie always has a domino effect on the studio’s next productions, and several others have been pushed back as well. Deadpool 3the new publication date was previously held by Captain America: Brave New World – which is now due in theaters on February 14, 2025. That was previously bladedate of release; it will now premiere on November 7, 2025. Thunderboltspreviously expected in theaters for Christmas 2024, instead debuting on July 25, 2025.

Other big movies like Liquid juice 2, Dune: Part TwoDisney live action Snow White, Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse has already been delayed. After a very lackluster year for Marvel with no real hitters to speak of, Disney is in a very strange place. If so Deadpool 3 somehow not meeting expectations, it might be a little difficult for them to get out of their slump. That being said, everything is going for him. It stars Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, and is the first Deadpool movie to be officially set in the MCU. Only time will tell though!

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