Masters 2019: What logos are on the shirts of Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods at Augusta National?

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Perhaps one of the biggest stories surrounding the 2019 Masters Tournament is whether Rory McIlroy, the “the crown prince of golf after the Tiger Woods era“, finally at Augusta National.

Social media was well aware that the two golfers were sporting new logos on their polos this week, and after some online sleuthing, the secret images were revealed. Woods’ shirt features a cartoon version of Frank, his long-sleeved headgear, while McIlroy rocks a small Nike shoe box.

Woods’ polo brand is probably the more recognizable of the two, given how long Frank has been a staple of Tiger’s career. Woods himself has since confirmed the logo: “It’s Frank.”

As for McIlroy’s shoebox, it basically functions as a logo within a logo…within a logo? Talk about a complex campaign!

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