Meet Hazel Renee as Draymond Green and his fiancee’s love story

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The Golden State Warriors are attending Draymond Green and Hazel Rainey’s wedding in a few days. Draymond Green posted some Instagram stories of teammates, friends and family and NBA partners, including Damian Lillard, for Saturday night’s wedding. Steph Curry’s sister Sydal Curry-Lee also posted a photo of the bright pink party with the hashtag #foreverseeinggreen, and some social media posts with the hashtag started pouring in Sunday morning.

Although there are no official wedding photos yet, Draymond Green and Hazel Renee’s engagement photos were distributed to Essence on Saturday. In an emotional spread filmed at Stone Mountain Estates in Malibu, Hazel Rainey shared that the pair met while they were student-athletes at Michigan State. ‘We were in the same theater class and we were both athletes,’ she told Essence. Generally we used to go to each other for many projects while we were getting to know each other. Warriors star Draymond Green is engaged to Hazel Rainey, however, the team’s NBA head coach Steve Kerr recently shared the news.

Who is Hazel Rennie?

Hazel Rainey is an American entertainer, recording artist, and TV personality. Hazel Renee was born on Matchday 31, 1986. The 36-year-old appeared in Basketball Wives and is also known for her role in Season 3 of Empire. Entertainment is also a must for The Real Housewives of Atlanta, where she appeared in Season 9 as Candy Burruss’ musical friend. Other notable appearances include The Spook Who Sat by the Door and The Chi, a co-feature on the Showtime series.

In a meeting with Essence magazine, Hazel Rainey revealed that she and Draymond Green both attended Michigan State University, where the entertainer ran track and field. However, the two did not come together then. When they reunite, it will happen at a live gathering in Los Angeles. We went to a rooftop pool and hung out in a cabana all day, which is still one of our activities together, Hazel Rainey said, ‘We hung out because we hadn’t seen each other in forever. Talked all day, making up for lost time. It was really simple but extra intelligent in our relationship. We’re really good friends.’

Hazel Rainey
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Hazel Rainey and Draymond Green have a child together. In 2020, their daughter Cash was born into this world. ‘I’m looking forward to celebrating our love and a new chapter in our lives with the people who have been with us from the beginning,’ Hazel said of the upcoming nuptials, adding, having the support of loved ones is invaluable.

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