Meg Thee Stallion Subpoenas Kelsey Harris Partner in Lawsuit

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Megan Thee StallionThe legal team has appealed to Kelsey Harris’ girlfriend, Darien Smith, in her legal battle with former record label 1501 Certified Entertainment, according to court documents obtained Radar online.

The subpoena orders Smith to be removed before the trial begins next month.

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Meg’s Subpeona orders Harris’s boyfriend to be deposed before trial

According to reports, the rapper believes that Smith has important information that could help his case against Carl Crawford.

The “H-Town Hottie” accuses 1501 label executives of refusing to bring Smith out for a deposition.

Now, she wants them to produce Smith at trial to turn over that information.

Meg claims that 1501 conspired with Harris to create the diss track “Bussin Back”. However, the label definitely denies that allegation.

The label files a motion to dismiss Meg’s claim last month, calling the subpoena a case of mistaken identity.

Meanwhile, 1501 filed a motion to deny Megan Thee Stallion’s claims last month.

The motion alleges that Smith is not an employee of the registry, saying instead that he is an independent contractor. They said he worked with 1501 artists but had nothing to do with the label, Radar online reports.

However, Crawford says Megan has a case of mistaken identity. He says that “Darien Smith” is confused with “Darrian Smith, who are two completely different people, according to Crawford.

“The allegations that 1501 had ‘maliciously cooperated’ in a ‘discrediting campaign’ [Megan]’ how stupid they are [Megan’s] refused to listen to 1501 when he told her a long time ago that she was after the wrong Darien Smith,” the label told the service.

Meg Thee Stallion Says Multiple Articles List Darien As Branded Employee, Accusing 1501 Of Suppressing New Music

For her part, Megan claims that several articles list Darien as an employee with the label.

In a motion filed in April, Meg said Crawford is pocketing all the money earned from her hits while getting nothing back, according to TMZ.

Her lawsuit against 1501 Certified Entertainment accuses them of preventing her from releasing new music.

The trial is scheduled to begin on August 7.

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