Mexican troops found 1.8 million fentanyl pills in Tijuana

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MEXICO CITY – Mexico’s Defense Department said Tuesday that troops found more than 1.83 million fentanyl pills at a stash house in the border city of Tijuana.

The department said in a statement that soldiers evacuated the house on Sunday after authorities received a tip that the site was being used for drug trafficking.

After obtaining a search warrant, troopers found nearly 2 million synthetic opioid pills and 880 pounds (400 kilograms) of meth at the home, the statement said. No one was arrested.

Mexican cartels have used the border to squeeze fentanyl into anti-aging pills. They then smuggle these pills into the United States.

The raid produced one of the largest fentanyl seizures in Mexico in recent months and came just one day before President Andrés Manuel López Obrador claimed that fentanyl was not made in Mexico. He made that statement in comments arguing that fentanyl is the United States’ problem, not Mexico’s.

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