Michael Keaton’s Batman in ‘The Flash’ recalls how another Gotham savior has been waiting for justice for decades

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Michael Keaton in The Flash promo

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Michael Keaton in The Flash makes a big splash as Bruce Wayne – even if the film is very unfinished in every way – as one long-awaited trip down the nostalgia lane because he is a favorite among fans who has been missing her Batman for years. But what he also does is remind of another Batman who is considered one of the most underrated performances in Gotham’s fictional history.

The list is long and wide because Batman went out in comic books in 1939 and from there to the screen in 1943 when it was first published. Batman movie ever came out with Lewis Wilson playing the lead role. It is currently streaming on Tubi for anyone who is curious. Since that beginning, there have been many Batman projects from the television series with Adam West from 1966 to 1968 to the film with Michael Keaton in 1989 with Jack Nicholson as Joker and Kim Basinger as Vicki Vale.

That was at a time when DC was rolling the dice and gambling on who would emerge as the next Batman without much concern for continuity. So, after Keaton repeated his role in the 1992s Batman is backthe appointment went to Val Kilmer which played a major role in the 1995s Batman forever before being replaced by George Clooney in 1997 Batman and Robin.

Val Kilmer Batman
Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.

Seeing that The Flash bringing back Keaton’s Batman and restoring it to its former glory, Batman fans can’t help but lament how critics have never appreciated it so much Kilmer’s performance as they would like. Due to the heartbreaking diagnosis of throat cancer and the tracheotomy that permanently damaged his voice, fans remember the great work Kilmer did as Batman in the short time he was able to play the character. to have

There are many fans out there who are ready to tell the world how underrated and underrated Kilmer is in the role.

Zack Snyder at Justice League is proof that tape that ends up on the editing room floor is often more magical than what makes it to the silver screen. And fans of Batman forever Download the movie similar to feelings.

This is called being ahead of its time…

In the work of Val Kilmer there are many great stories from High gun to Tombstone with The Doors on the way. However, DC fans will always remember his performance as a caped savior in Gotham city who never got his due.

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