Michigan players took a chance on Jim Harbaugh leaving in protest

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The Michigan football program spent a few weeks, once again, wondering if coach Jim Harbaugh will be back in 2023. So during that time of football limbo, what were the players doing? think?

Defensive lineman Mazi Smith recently shared some of his thoughts with SI.com’s Christopher Breiler.

“Don’t talk about it at all,” Smith (pictured with Harbaugh) said of the feeling while the coach’s status was in doubt. “We’re kind of trained to be like, once something is realized, we can respond. But until then, what are you going to do?”

Smith has been through it before. He was hired by former Michigan defensive coordinator Greg Mattison. And then Mattison left for Ohio State before Smith arrived.

“I learned early on that this is not about personal relationships or friendships, it’s about business, and this is about winning,” Smith said. “And just like I want to move on at some point and go to the NFL for my career, the coaches are in the same boat.”

Of course they are. They have always been. It’s about time players have the same flexibility as coaches.

For Harbaugh, his true flexibility will be shown by the terms of his next contract. In the current cycle, he could be gone for an NFL job with just $3 million to buy.

Last year, Harbaugh interviewed with the Vikings. This year, he interviewed with the Broncos and spoke with the Panthers, before deciding to stay.

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