Mike Epps responds to Shannon Sharpe’s heated words (WATCH)

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Mike Epps answering Shannon Sharpe after the podcaster went viral for sharing heated words for the comedian.

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This is how things turned out

In a recently released episode of ‘Nightcap’, Shannon Sharpe talked about shooting pictures at someone he didn’t clearly name.

“And Imma shoot this scene over your head mofo’, and you know exactly what I’m talkin’ about,” Sharpe told his co-host, Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson. “Mention my name again, and Imma send the DMs – and I hate to do this, but you’re lying. See, I don’t care about that other stuff – you can say I’m gay… I don’t care about that. I will not chase a lie, but I will not let you lie on my name.”

Sharpe went on to say that he had heard criticism about himself a thousand times over. However, he made it clear that if that person says his name again, he will release their private messages without hesitation.

“You’re lying – you said I called you to come on ‘Club Shay Shay,’ and you’re a liar,” he continued. “Now, when I see you, ’cause I see you, I’m going to see if you’re about that. I want to see if you say what you said… You got mad because Katt Williams did what he did. Now, when I see you, I’m going to see if you really get that.”

The podcast host appeared to be addressing comments made by Mike Epps on his recent comedy show. The footage shared via X, formerly known as Twitter, has since gone viral and Epps claims Sharpe called him “trying to do an interview.” “

In the clip, the comedian appeared to claim that Sharpe is gay while comparing him to Tyler Epp’s popular female character, Madea.

Watch Sharpe’s response to Epps below.

Here’s how Mike Epps responded

On Monday, February 12, Epps took to Instagram to share a video responding to Sharpe’s comments. In the clip, he explained that “so many people are talking crazy” about Sharpe.

“They were on ‘Saturday Night Live’ talking about you – imitating you, but now you want to fight me?” he said.

Epps admitted that he sent a message to Sharpe asking him to “Club Shay Shay”. However, he only sent a message to Sharpe because the podcaster mentioned it while talking to Katt Williams.

“You tried to get him to talk about me, but he didn’t, okay,” he continued. “Now, secondly, talking about pulling on me – you’ll be at the All-Star [game]I’m gonna be at the All-Starโ€ฆ and Imma see you, aight?โ€

Before finishing his statements, Epps appeared to take his threats to Sharpe up to a certain level.

“And Imma let you know, I’m not doing any fighting lately,” he said. “So, you know there’s only one other option.”

Check out his full response below.

At this time, Sharpe has yet to publicly respond to Epps.

The actor previously commented on Sharpe’s viral sit-down with Katt Williams

As previously reported in The Shade Room, Mike Epps comments on Katt Williams’ viral interview with Sharpe in January. At the time, Epps mocked Williams for saying she was wearing a fake Fendi jacket, although Williams did not.

At the time, Epps admitted he was “jealous” of Williams’ viral appearance.

“Okay, I got a little jealous, man,” he explained in a video clip shared to his Instagram Story. โ€œKatt broke the internet and didn’t say my name – good or bad. I need media too. “…

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