Mohbad’s sister-in-law raises suspicions about him meeting some people 72 hours before his death

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Karimot, Mohabad’s sister-in-law, made additional allegations about his last moments.

She said Mohbad met some people linked to the demonstration in Ikorodu, which led her to suspect that his death was due to complicated circumstances.

Karimot said in a video shared on her Instagram account that Mohbad met these people in a pub 72 hours before his death.

Karimot said a meeting was held before his appearance in Ikorodu.

She urged Nigerians to watch the recordings of Mohbad’s performance in Ikorodu because his erratic behavior was not caused by drugs.

She asked why those people, whom the late singer met just before his death, were not questioned.

She said that when Mohbad died, someone had donated money to bury him immediately.

Katimot said:

“I will not be silent or shut up why they buried Mohbad in a hurry. You want me to be quiet and try to shut me down. When he died, someone gave them money to bury him.

“72 hours before he died, Mohbad went to a bar to drink and eat with the same person, and the person who held the show in Ikorodu, did that person reach Mohbad’s widow? Please, Nigerians should go back to the video of Mohbad on stage and study his behavior, he was not under the influence of drugs.

“Mohbad was skeptical about the show, he was reluctant but said he had to go because he was paid. I keep asking why Mohbad was buried. Mothers should stand up and fight for justice, you can’t shut me down, before the show he was at the bar, why isn’t anyone talking about the people he was with? Mohbad’s death is very deep but I know he will fight back. “

Hear her:

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